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Oily film in toilet after diarrhea severe joint pain, celiac?

Hi everyone,

As you may know I've been having digestive issues for the past three weeks, see my other post here if you haven't http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Gastroenterology/abdominal-bloating-lasting-for-a-week-please-help/show/1676477#post_7665625

Anyways, so my gastroenterologist calls me about a week ago and tells me he saw excess stool in my intestines from a 3 way abdominal x-ray he took and tells me I'm constipated, even though I'm going about two or three times a day and to take miralax to help clean me out. This does nothing. I stop taking it a couple of days ago and now I am getting explosive diarrhea about 20 minutes after I eat anything with really bad stomach cramping ( which had already been happening on and off for a couple years but never this bad), but what I have also noticed is that there is an oily film on the toilet water over the chunks of stool that have sunk to the bottom ( the diarrhea is mostly watery with a few chunks). I also have severe joint pain in my hands specifically, so much that i can barely type or hold things. I'm waiting for my bloodwork for celiac to come back in addition to some vitamin deficiency tests. I also currently have a positive ANA antibody result on other bloodwork and have been feeling extremely fatigued and I have had a distended bloated abdomen for almost three weeks that has not decreased in size whatsoever. I am also currently dairy free. Any ideas?
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Oh, I'm more than certain you are a good candidate for needing to go gluten free.  In spite of what people tell you, be sure to avoid corn gluten, too.  Corn is irritating to the gut in the first place, most of what is on the market is GMO, and it's fattening.  Potatoes, too.  Stick mainly with rice, because it is the lowest of all gluten containing grains according to the video I mentioned.  Go low carb.  If you tolerate beans, use more legumes instead of grains and carbs.  Golden sweet potatoes are the healthiest and lowest glycemic.  Low to no carb for now to let your gut heal.  I need to do the same thing.  I got away from the stuff that was definitely irritating the dyshidrotic eczema, but I still need to heal my gut.  I was unaware of the possibility of other grains actually containing a different gluten than the ones that we're told to avoid.  You may find that all grains bother me.  I haven't been eating rice for that reason.  Sometimes after I eat it, my gut hurts.  So, it may be a grain thing, too.  Or, it may be the ones that look the most like traditional grass that irritate me.  I do know that Celiacs need to reassess all their carb intake according to this video, particularly if eating a compliant diet doesn't help them feel better.  Sweet potatoes and winter squash are good.  If you're really good now, in the summer you'll be able to handle some sweet potatoes, if you want to.  Winter squashes eaten plain or as a soup or something savory will be an asset to anyone with true Celiac, because they're not in the gluten category at all and are high in fiber and naturally low carb.  Canned pumpkin is such a help (make sure it's a bpa free brand) that it's used for invalid dogs and even cats.  So, try to keep that stuff on hand all year, just in case.  Get fresh organic winter squash while you can.  Eat sufficient protein.  Protein will help you lose weight.  Most of us are in serious trouble in that area, including plenty of people with Celiac who don't suffer the diarrhea issue.  A Celiac who suffers diarrhea issues will benefit from staying away from all grains entirely.
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It sounds like you are having malabsorption, I recommend getting tested for parasites and food allergies also. If you don't mind I am also having problems, and it clearly sounds like you are having malabsorption; what does the oily film look like, does it look like obvious oil (you know olive oil, vegetable oil) or does it have a different appearance.

Please reply to my comment and if the Celiac comes back negative I strongly recommend trying food allergies and maybe a stool parasite test.
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my celiac test came back negative but there's a chance I may still have a gluten sensitivity. the film is like someone spilled vegetable oil on the water but its very faint. I'm on align currently which so far isn't doing much. I'm getting tested for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth on the 28th. gastro doesnt seem interested in testing for food allergies hes just blowing it off as ibs which it could be but he also won't do a colonoscopy and is convinced it isn't a parasite because I didn't leave the country. so yeah still kinda playing the waiting game have you gotten a diagnosis yet?
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If you are gluten and casein free, you could have other food intolerances besides the ones that can obviously kill you if you have Celiac.

That said, you may be experiencing malabsorption.  You will want to eat a low residual diet for a few days and call your doctor right away.  

I am sometimes told to eat a low residual diet, because of colon cramping.  It is always temporary, because no one can eat a low residual diet indefinitely and remain healthy.
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Malabsorption issues and liver trouble comes to mind. Do you still have your gallbladder? How are your liver enzyme levels? Any trouble with hepatitis?
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Here is a very interesting and useful link with newer information concerning gluten intolerance and the illnesses it causes, such as Celiac.  I sure wish more doctors would get on board and figure this out, since I've been saying that whether or not I have Celiac I have definite gluten intolerance.  This video I found to be useful explains how and why.  I will watch it again, too.  Did you know that there is newer information concerning the grains we have been taught to be gluten free that suggests this is untrue?  While it is true that the big four are still very bad for anyone with gluten intolerance or Celiac either one, other grains are now being added to the list.  I will also watch this one again, because the presenter went through that part kind of fast.  The only grain on the list that he showed that had the lowest percentage of total gluten was rice at five percent.  Others that we have been told were safe and gluten free may not be safe after all.  So, for folks who are being so well-behaved and following their diet so carefully--this video is for you.  You didn't do anything wrong, but the information about what is safe and isn't safe is outdated by about sixty years, according to this video.  Watch for some information about zonulin production, and watch for information about some key tests that are still being overlooked that helps to explain why some of us are still getting negative test results when we know we have issues.  I want a certain "doctor doubter" to watch this, so she will know that the "gold standard" blood tests for determining Celiac are antiquated.  The presenter in this video is talking about how the new gold standard should actually be the genetic tests, such as the DQ2 and the DQ8.  Until our medical insurances cover it, these tests will continue to be expensive out-of-pocket tests for us.  Anything to get this video out into the mainstream and other newer information is very important to all of us here, whether we have a confirmed diagnosis or negative diagnosis but still having symptoms.

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