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Baby with clubfoot

My daughter was born with bilateral clubfoot.  She is now 7 months old and is also behind on all her milestones.  She has been tested for chromosome disorders and spina bifidia and both came back okay.  She is not interested in grabbing toys or putting things in her mouth. She can only sit up with support and will put no weight on her legs.  She draws her legs up when you try to stand her up.   I know these are a few signs of CP, but my dr. wants to wait until she is 9 months to do any more tests.  I was just curious to see if any one else has a child with CP who was born with clubfoot or if anyone has suggestions on how to improve her motor skills.
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hi, as an occupational therapist I think it is better to start rehabilitation soon. yes the symptoms are related to CP. but as she can't sit and grip it is needed to start rehabilitation "physical and occupational therapy" I think it is better that you visit a physiatrist to examine her and refer you to rehabilitation. maybe surgery is needed for club food but he can tell you if it can be better by rehabilitation or not.
early intervention is really helpful in CP.
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The signs described by you suggest that cerebral palsy. You may try out physical, occupational and recreational therapies for your daughter through a team of professional therapists in your area.

Your child requires physical therapy, which will teach her better ways to stand by herself, balance and walk. As she grows up, other skills may be learned through physical therapy like going up and down stairs safely, running, kicking and throwing a ball, or learning to ride a bike. Similarly occupational therapists teach children how to use their arms, hands and upper body so that their daily routine becomes easier. Recreational therapy provides scope for learning dance, swimming or get involved with artistic activities and other hobbies.

In addition, medication, surgery, and braces can help improve muscle function. Medication such as baclofen, benzodiazepines and dantrolene are used to control spasticity, but they have their own side effects.

You should consult your doctor for evaluating any such options for your child. The club foot should be dealt by an ortho doctor and may require progressive plasters or surgery.

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