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Alternative Treatments for returning symptoms post chiari decompression surgery

I have a 17 year old daughter diagnosed with chiari I after severe migraines, balance issues, seizures, etc.  Had decompression surgery with duroplasty for a 9mm tonsil, no sphynx back in November.  Her headaches were improved for two weeks and now they are back with the same caliber as prior to surgery.  Medications do not touch them.  She is scheduled for a repeat MRI to test fro CSF flow.  Anyone know of alternative treatment for the headaches, dizziness, and tremors associated with Chiari that do not respond to medications?  She is constantly worried that the procedure did not work and she would feel like this for the rest of her life.  It is sad to watch as teachers, coaches etc express concern over her.  Looking for suggestions
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FIRST- do you know exactly what was done and what surgery she had....there are different types of  decompression surgeries that can be done, some are more aggressive and they open the dura, while another is less invasive and does not open the dura, the latter is typically done on children as the Drs feel they can bounce back from it sooner, ONLY the relief if any is short lived and another surgery is needed and the second will be opening the dura.

ALSO was your daughter checked for ALL related conditions prior to surgery?

AS for the syrinx, where did they check for one?

WHAT is she doing on a daily basis? WHEN did she go back to school?
Yes  she had the decompression surgery as well as the duroplasty so the dura was opened.  He said the brain was so compressed that even after he opened the skull it took awhile before the brain would pulsate.  We have had every test in the book prior to the surgery.  All images of head, neck and spine; EEG for the tremors; sleep study etc.  Excercise definitely makes it worse but her biggest challenge is completing school work.  She cannot focus on reading for more than 5 minutes at a time.  Her sleep is disrupted due tot he pain.  We have recently been to get an eye exam to make sure that wasn't the cause of the headaches and that has been cleared.  Migraine meds do not touch the headaches.  
How long is she back to school?
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