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At what point did you decide on surgery?

I was diagnosed almost a year ago and my symptoms have been increasing in the past few months. I want to avoid surgery as long as possible, I don't even know if I am qualified for decompression surgery, but I am curious at what point did others decide surgery was the best option? Was it soley based on Dr recommendation? Or was there a breaking point that you decided if you got to then you would agree with surgery?
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I decided on surgery when I had a drop attack and testing showed a CSF obstruction...
An obstruction of CSF flow can lead to the formation of a syrinx called SYRINGOMYELIA....a syrinx depending on where in the spine it forms can place pressure on the spinal cord causing
all sorts of pain and symptoms.

Keep in mind a surgeon only gets paid when they do surgery....so your decision should not be on just the Dr...and you should research the Drs very closely....not all Drs are experienced on Chiari and ALL related conditions...and should not operate on anyone with it if they are not aware of how/what can result post op....such as if the patient also has EDS, they could have a reaction to the dura patch used, and develop excess CSF fluid as a result.

Keep a journal on daily activities and your symptoms to see if the symptoms increase with certain activity or if it could be stress related....it can help you avoid some of the flare ups in pain and discomfort . FInd what helps you relax, music, a warm soak in the tub..etc...

Also know that only if you have a CSF obstruction would surgery be of any benefit...even then, it may not help ALL of your symptoms, surgery is done to restore CSF flow, and to slow progression of or the risk of a syrinx forming.

Another important fact to know is, Chiari symptoms cycle....and can flare or go away for days or months at a time.....getting sick, stressed etc can cause a flare of symptoms.

I hope the information I posted is helpful. Please ask questions if I created more for you...just know you are not alone.
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Thank you so much for the response Selma! This helps for my own personal processing of what's happening. I appreciate you!
No worries...if you have other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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