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Autonomic Nervous System

So if my body has been in a almost constant state of "fight or flight" for so long....and Chiari can increase/cause this....after having surgery, did it get better for anyone?
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  Yes, it does get better...unfortunately for some they may have lasting effects...with conditions like POTS....there are autonomic disorders that one could have as well.....some have these with out chiari.

I used to always get that anxious butterfly feeling, and have not had it once post op....it's weird but I miss it as it was such a part of who I was I expect it in certain situations....and find it odd not to have it now.....lol...
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For me I have had to adjust to the sensativity to noise, light's, flourensent lights, I don't bend over for a long period of time.  These are some issues I didn't have before surgery.  The bending over one I did, but the other's I have found is harder to deal with and I'm 16 mths post op.  I know for some they go back to life as they knew it.  Hope this is the way it will be for you.  My dr explained to me that our bodies go through shock because our bodies are not used to having surgery for 1 and it takes a lot out of us having surgery.  Every one is so different, but these are the thing's that I have had to adjust most in my life.  It's the noise issue that bother's me the most because I love being around family and friend's.  I just put my ear plugs in and it tones the noise down.  No one know's I have them in..  So we can still do the thing's we enjoy we just have to try doing some thing's differently.  I hope the best for you.
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  I have yet to get use to florescent lights...but I do not have the same reaction as b4 and it is not as immediate a response as it was....

We do get better with time, and IMPO as long as we do not over do it post op and allow our bodies to heal on their own time....keep moving, but a slow steady pace...remember the tortoise and the hare story.....slow and steady wins the race......
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