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Can Chiari progress after surgery?

Had my surgery in 2013. Surgeon told me it would slow the progression not cure it. The neurologist I have now insists I’m cured. I was feeling fine up until a couple years ago. Symptoms are more severe, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, pain in neck, shoulders, arm and leg, muscle weakness, headaches but not as severe. Neurologist keeps testing me for other conditions won’t discuss the idea of Chiari recurring. Feel like I’m going crazy, like I did before my Chiari was discovered. Also, is there any truth about the patch slipping and the cerebellum sliding?
I have Chiari type 1.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.
There is no cure for a malformed skull....so the NL is wrong, surgery is done to slow the progression....which means,, make more room to allow CSF to flow and prevent a syrinx from forming OR if one has formed to help reduce the size since the CSF should no longer be adding to the syrinx.

Did your Drs rule out ALL related conditions prior to your surgery?

The patch slipping?...Never heard of the patch slipping, but the brain can slip down if the area was made too large this is called  cerebral ptosis or brain slump.

What type patch did you have? Was your dura opened?
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Yes, they opened my dura and sewed in a pigskin patch. As for the patch slipping, I read that on someone’s comments. They did rule out other causes and are still testing me, but symptoms are increasing.
I just wanted to say it may be something similar to what I’m going through. My first decompression was 3 years ago and now there are adhesions to both the brain stem and tonsils causing blocked csf flow. My cerebellum is scarred all the way down to the patch. Scheduled for surgery in January.
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