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Can Chiari resolve?

Im unsure. I thought once you had it you always did. I still have daily problems with it. Can it just go away?? Im thinking of tryng out Oro. I feel like the doc has lost hope with me. :(
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  Hi, there r 2 ways u can have chiari congenitally or acquired....if it is acquired, it is possible for it to resolve I have heard this happening, it is not that common.

But, when dealing with a Dr that is not well informed on chiari,m they will tell u , u r cured or fixed, and I do not understand how, chiari is the malformation of the skull, not the herniation, that is what results from the area being too small....surgery gives us more room to allow CSF flow and slow progression and hopefully relieve some symptoms...nowhere and at no time was I told I would be cured.

I hope u can get in to see Dr O.
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He said I was born with it. Thats what confused me so much. I was told that once you have it you never get rid of it.
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  I am now confused as to how u were confused....where did the question of the chiari resolving come in?
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I am cofused also. Yes...chiari is congenital meaning that you were born with the malformation and NO, there is so cure for chiari.
Now with aquired chiari, I have heard stories of it being resolved, though rare, if you aquire chiari...then there is no malformation of the skull only the herniation of the tonsils and that can be resolved, but it is also very rare that it ever completely resolves. Selma, plese correct me if I am wrong here...but this is what  I have learned through research and through my specialist.
Dr. Oro is a very highly respected Dr. and if you have any questions about him, you should ask Rylanesmom...he is her Chiari specialist and I am sure that she would be willing to offer any information to you.
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