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Chiari malformation

Hi everyone,

Good day everyone hope you're doing great !

Not to make this long, my only symptom is that I get sever headaches at the back of my head right between the head and neck and radiates to my eye, and it could last for a week or two, is that enough to diagnose me with chiari?
or should chiari come along with many other symptoms like numbness or tingling in the body?

Another question, is chiari aggrivated with excercise?
my headache for some reason, fades away or becomes less intense whenever I exercise,

My headaches are NOT induced by coughing, sneezing, etc.

Mri shows cerebellum at the base of the foramen magnum, zero herniation, and no syrinx.

What show I do, I Just wake up with this pain every single day.

Any advice is much appreciated,

Thanks ! :D

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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Everyone will experience symptoms from Chiari differently...so you should have testing to DX it and to determine how your Chiari is affecting you and  your overall health. Your symptoms do not determine your diagnosis but the malformation of your skull will....and since you do have symptoms I am sure you may have more then you are aware of.....since this is a congenital condition(since birth) many of our symptoms are with us that long too, only thing is to us they are not symptoms but how we normally feel.....so it can take time to see how you are being affected by this.

Chiari 0 meaning no herniation can cause many symptoms it again depends on if there is CSF flow....have you had a CINE MRI?

And for no syrinx, what areas of the spine were checked? A syrinx can form anywhere in the spine so it is best to look at cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, these will also help rule out disk issues and tethered cord.

Typically  most numbness is caused by a syrinx, although Chiari itself can cause it as well.....but most times it is a related condition that may cause many of the symptoms we deal with.
Chiari headaches induced by coughing are not what I would call a headache...at least mine weren't....it was more a momentary sharp pain that went away seconds later....but it was a sharp pain from coughing, laughing, BM;s....any form of straining.
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