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Chiari malformation

It now nearly 12 months since she had her surgery. Things haven't improved. I think she is worse now than she was before the surgery.
She had constant headache and would also pass out cold from the serve ones.
Now she still has those but now has the dissy spells, shakey hands, sick stomach. Memory loss, can't get words out and extreme fatigue.

Will it ever end.... I feel so helpless when is crys out in pain n then passes out from the pain.
Where do we go to try and  help her.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

In order to answer your questions I feel I need to ask a few....like what surgery did she have? There are different types of Posterior fossa decompression surgeries, one does NOT open the dura, the other one DOES.

Next, were ALL related conditions ruled out? The reason I ask is because if the dura was opened and a patch placed and she has Ehlers-Danlos, depending on what patch they used could be causing her issues?

What has her Dr said at follow up visits?
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