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Cold pack or heat?

I am wondering what seems to work best for others~ ice packs on your neck/back of your head or a heating pad type thing? I have a bed buddy for my neck and the heat seems to help, but there are times where the pain just feels like I need the ice pack...I have the pain in the back of my neck from a bulging disc in C6-C7, plus a lot of the headaches are always at the base of my neck. So I am just wondering what others find to work better. Thanks!
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Heat & IcyHot for the neck, ice pack for the head.
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I'm a little odd on this one, I think. For my stiff neck, I like heat, especially moist heat (like a damp towel warmed up). For my headaches, I normally like ice packs, although I have to be careful not to get too cold as that causes a secondary headache. Occassionally, a hot shower or hot bath will help ease my headaches instead of the ice. I guess it depends on the headache?
In my opinon, you should just keep trying to see what works best for you. Some days it may be heat and some ice, you'll learn to tell what kind of pain needs what eventually. That's just me, though. :)
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  Hi...I can not use ice at all...I have Raynauds Phenomenon which when using ice just makes me hurt more....

It feels like I am being burned....and I have had marks that remained for long periods of time...almost like frostbite.....

  We r all diff and diff issues do require diff methods.....but, u also must be aware of things like Raynauds so u  do not experience an injury on top of it all.

   So, my advice, try the diff methods, and go with what works best for u!!

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I have a massage therapist that tell's me to altenate from heat and ice.  If you use 1 more than 20 min per time it could make things worse.  So try alternating them and see if this works for you.
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My physical therapist puts heat on me for about 20 minutes, then a massage, then ice for 30 minutes.  When I'm having pain he told me to use ice for 30 minutes.
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  I would never be able to have ice on me for that long, I would deff get frost bite.....

  I always heard the rule was 15 on 15 off for both...but, this changes as they do more research....but I really feel we have to look at it on a one by one case to see if u can tolerate it too!

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