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Could it be chiari malormation

Ihave congenital hydrocephalus with vp shunt And now im suffering headache every day , back and shoulder pain , arms pain , dizzy, not clear vision almost 4 years  i went to see a neurosurgeon and he requested an mri for the brain and cervical spine and the result came with bilateral colpocephaly of the occipital horns of the lateral ventricles with a partial ageesis of the posterior aspect of the corpus callosum and mild tonsillar descent approximating 8.8 mm through the foramen magnum. Giving the combination of congenital brain chainges , the picture probebly related to arlnold chiari malformation , other but less possibility beings  a tonsilar heriation aquired from the prolonged vp shunted . No cervical cord syrinx. No transependymal csf seepage.
So could it be chiari and can people with hydrcephalus develop chiari in any time in thier life?
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

You can have low lying tonsils due to having a shunt or the hydrocephalus....but you can not develop Chiari as it is a malformation of the skull. That said, low lying tonsils create the same symptoms as Chiari and the treatment is the same.

It is possible to have Chiari flare up due to other issues such as hydrocephalus, head trauma....etc...so you will want a true Chiari specialist to review your MRI's to see if you have Chiari or acquired Chiari ( low lying tonsils).

What area's have you had MRI's of?
Thank you for your response
I have my mri in the middle east but when i went to a follow up after the mri the neurosergeon says every things are ok with the result but i think some thing wrong .
So what are the possible treatment for the low lying tonsils ?
And is gerd in the stomache and shortness of breathing doring the day ( not sleaping apnea ) can be symptoms
Yes, having GERD can be something you could have along with Chiari or low lying tonsils.
And breathing issues can also be related.

You may want to send a copy of your MRI to a Chiari specialist in the states to give a consult.
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