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Diminished Flow

I had my MRI that showed a 10 MM herniation of the cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. the CINE MRI shows (diminish qualitative CSF Flow at the foramen magnum) would this cause most of my Chiari Malformation systems?
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Ok. Many Doctors don't follow this analogy however it was explained to me by my first CM Doctor.

He said the degree of herniation isn't the issue. He explained with an analogy of a drinking straw. If you put a long piece of human hair in the straw, can you still drink out of it? How about a piece of cooked spaghetti? A bit harder to drink. What about if we place a strawberry over the end of the straw? Can you suck any fluid through that straw now? Of course not.

His point being that the symptoms from CM [as Selma alluded] do not come from the length of any herniation. Symptoms devolop over the loss of CSF flow.

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Hey CW...The one I heard is this...your foreman magnum is like a funnel...the tonsils can be like shoe string licorice and not disrupt flow of fluids through the funnel, regardless of it's length...however it can be short like a gumdrop and it will cork up the opening and obstruct flow....
Nice! Perhaps even a better description
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Diminished CSF flow can be the root of your symptoms......there are other possible causes as well....but any restriction to flow can cause a lot of different symptoms, including drop attacks.
Do you know if you also have any other related conditions?
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