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Does anyone expieroence Anxiety after eating?

I've noticed this over time and I can't seem to get passed it.
  For some reason every time I eat anything I get terrible shortness of breath and panic like anxiety.
  Does anyone that has Chiari 1 Malformation have similar experiences?
I'm to the point I dread eating & have had to take anxiety meds before every meal.
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  Hi have you had a check to see if your vagus nerve is impinged?

With reflux or a sliding hiatal hernia the vagus nerve can get impinged and that can cause shortness of breath and anxiety.....

With a sliding hiatal hernia there is a way to manually move it to help reduce the shortness of breath....certain chiropractors can do it and show you have to if it should move again.
No I haven't , but I'll sure look into it.
  Being iveost to much weight through time, I can't be dreading the minute amount of food I actually am able to eat.
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  How many times a day do you eat? With issues like this, you should try for 6 small meals a day.....protein drinks etc....

Many with reflux and GERD are told to eat more but smaller meals to help with digestion and to help lessen the symptoms of reflux/GERD.
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Thanks, I've always ate once a day,knowing it's not healthy but honestly I never have an appetite.
  I've been thinking it had to do with the head pressure increase after swallowing.There's no reflux/gerd since I quit taking Nsaids for pain relief.
Thanks for your input
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  I understand the not feeling hungry....but it can only help to get the proper nourishment with conditions like Chiari....maybe the smaller meals would benefit you with that issue....

Reflux can be silent....without the typical heartburn....not saying you have it but something to consider and rule out.

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Thanks once more :) .

  I'm trying meal replacement throughout the day at multiple times, in hopes for any relief.

  I've just noticed once my head pressure gets worse so does my anxiety & emotional state.
  I wish you the best and appreciate the help
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  I hope you see some improvement soon....keep me posted.

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Do you suffer from any nausea?
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Nausea is a constant ,for me.
   I take phenagran,it works a little,but honestly it knocks me out + I sleep so much when I take it that I'm unsure if it works or if hours later I'm not nauseous any longer.
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Have you ever tried Zofran?  I'm pretty sure that one doesn't sedate you.  Might be worth a try.
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