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Does fatigue by pm increase head pressure?

Just curious. I always feel extreme fatigue and head pressure, like I can't possibly do any more, by the evening. I wonder if this is chiari or a degenerative disc neck issue. Do any of you experience this elevated pressure and fatigue felt in your head at the end of the day?
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  Hi...prior to my surgery that was the case...and for a time post op....but it is a rare issue now....
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I certainly do. It's been alarming, but kind of didn't want to know what it is-feel I've a lot to deal with as is.
But it's a relief to know that it is experienced for some time after the surgery. I've been worried,  but scared to kind of acknowledge/admit the amount of pressure in my head.(from base of skull to behind eyes, pressure to the pushing point). So, that's good to hear that it is something experienced for some time after surgery. Whew.
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yes, I did before surgery.  It would happen in the morning if I slept too flat and then it would get better as I was upright.  Then, the more I did through the day it would build and I would need to rest.  it's much better after surgery, I only feel the pressure if I exert myself too much and it doesn't last as long.  I can also sleep with one to two pillows now and feel fine in the morning.  before surgery I was propped up by at least 30 degrees, I was sleeping with a wedge.
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Thanks everyone. I figured it was the chiari to blame :(
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