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Experienced Chiari Neurosurgeon in NH or MA

Can anyone recommend a neurosurgeon who specializes in Chiari near Boston? I’ve seen a neurologist who just wanted to give me occipital nerve blocks and a general neurosurgeon in NH and he told me that I’m fine, and I’m totally not fine! It was a rushed 15 minute appointment with no time to ask questions. Thanks in advance!
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

We do have lists of Drs that I will post here for you....but I want to advise you they are not referrals nor endorsements...the lists are here and were compiled by members of Drs they have been to, and treated by and liked.... you need to use the list as a tool to have a starting place to research Drs...


Dr William Butler
Mass General Hospital
Boston, MA

Jean-Valery Coumans, MD
Mass General Hospital
15 Parkman St.
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 1-617-726-3511
Fax: 1-617-643-4115

Dr. Carl Heilman NS
Tufts Medical Center
Boston, MA

AS of now, we do not have any listings for Drs in NH......if you should find any please let us know about them.
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Thank you! The NS I went to in NH said he sees tons of patients with Chiari, but was unable to tell me how many adults, and denies that it could be caused or become symptomatic by a rear end car accident, and basically told me to go home, that I’m fine. I found the exam very rushed and he was very condescending and didn’t allow me to ask questions and was very dismissive of my symptoms. I just want to begin to heal, it’s been since last November and I’m only getting worse, so I’m quite frustrated. So I wouldn’t recommend him. Thanks again!
You are welcome. I know how you feel, my whiplash went undiagnosed for 14 years....there are too many Drs that do not listen and feel they know what is wrong by looking at their degrees instead of looking and listening to the patient. I hope you find a Dr that listens.
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