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For Those Seeking Dr near Arkansas

Please uipdate, for those who may be seeking Chiari Specialist in or around Arkansas, Dr Capocelli has moved to Little Rock, AR. He is on the list in this forum, but was recently practicing in Ft. Smith. He did my surgery, and several other in my support group, and I am in Memphis, TN. Since true Chiari specialists are hard to find, I thought it would be important to post. He is at Ortho Arkansas now. I have my first check-up at the new place this week, and I'll let you know! Thanks,
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I thank you for your post. I am looking for a CM specialist..someone who can tell me, if this is my problem or not. I was dx'd with a CM back in '06, when I had a neck surgery. But then, they changed it to Tonsilar Ectopia. I don't understand. It is 6.5m and I have read where it can cause a lot of problems and I do have a lot of problems. What is the difference in the two can anyone describe them for me? I do need to look that one up...just to see what is being said.
I am having pain at the back of my head...like a pressure. Miserable..and found it harder, for me to lay on my left side. I will get some sort of crick in my neck, if I do. My muscles are tight and get sore. Then, I usually get out my TENS unit, to release the muscles or I will get a Migraine. I keep an Aura all the time too. My eyes are blurry a lot...and sensitive to light most times. I hurt on my temples all the time, mostly left.
I feel a knawing or pulling pain in my neck/base of my head...all the time. About the same feeling...as when, u pull a hamstring...but in the neck. I get knots too that come up...like a charlie horse in the leg type feeling, but in the neck. Ughh, I hate those. Also, I get nodules, sore spots all over in different places on my scalp. Where I was hit on top of the head, in a car accident...and I will get a goose egg there..from time to time. That is creepy and makes me feel I have swelling in my head.
When I am laying on my back and my head is on the pillow...it feels like someone has a fist and I am laying directly on it. IT is miserable and feel like I have some kind of swelling or something is causing it to feel that way maybe. I donno, but sure would like to know what is plaguing me..I so much want to get back into doing some things again...like fishing..or driving. I miss those two a lot, but hopefully soon I will get back to the land of the living.
Sorry that I went on and on, but so desperately seeking an important piece of this puzzle...to get better and feel like someone might know if this sounds like the CM..or tonsilar ectopia.
God Bless always..and will check back in. I hope all is well and thanks again. ^_^
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He is supposed to be really good.  My mom worked in his office in Fort Smith.  
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  Hi thanks for the  update, if u can post in the Drs list thread too so the changes can be made that would be great !!

So glad u found a Dr in ur area : )
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