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Going to see Dr. Oro next week...what to expect?

Hi Everyone!

I'm a little new around here, but after being diagnosed with CMI by a NS in my hometown. My current NS is ready and willing to go ahead with surgery, but I decided to try and get in with Dr. Oro, as he has done many more Decompression surgeries than my current NS.
It's been a few months since my diagnosis, but based on my current doctor's report and debilitating symptoms, Dr. Oro decided to see me even though no one can decide if my herniation is 5mm, 3mm, or 4mm, and whether my CSF is partially blocked.
Does anyone have any advice or can you tell me what to expect from a consultation with him?
I just want a truthful diagnosis, my symptoms to go away, and to get on with my life. (I've been house-bound for the past 4-5 months after having a drop attack while driving, my head feels like it's going to explode most of the time, I have continuous numbness and tingling in my right arm, I have episodes where I walk like I'm drunk and speak like a stroke victim...those are the biggies).
Thanks for any info.
Please keep me in your prayers!
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Dr. Oro did my surgery last March. He is wonderful and his staff is wonderful. I went to him after my first NS made me wait for 2 hours and then acted like the chiari surgery was no big deal. Dr Oro is excellent at explaining exactly what is going on, and then explaining exactly what your options are. Even better, my husband thinks the world of him (which is saying a lot, since I think loved ones can have a very difficult time with this). My surgery took a bit longer than expected, I was his first patient to have blood clots, but my recovery has been good. Good luck, I think you will really like Dr Oro.
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Yes I am on call list. I have called a couple times and keep getting told the same thing-they will call me to schedule in 2-3 weeks. Just concerned because have been told this both times I've calked to check. Guess I just need to chill and be patient! Please let me know if you are pleased after appointment. Good luck!
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Thanks Selma and ff105wife.

ff105wife: I think I may have contacted them in November. My brain is not remembering things so well, now, so I'm not sure. I know it seems like forever ago. Has Dr. Oro agreed to see you, and you're just waiting for a consultation date? Have you called their office, yet, to check on the progress of things?
If you already have the ok to have a consultation, I'm sure they will be calling you shortly; but if you haven't called their office, yet, it probably wouldn't hurt to check and see where you are on the call list.
I know it seems like forever, but I will pray for you as well, and I will keep you posted on things. Thanks!

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I'm so excited to see how your experience goes! Please post an update after you go. How long did it take you to get in? I sent them my stuff first week of December and still have not been contacted for scheduling-so just wondering what to expect. Praying you get answers . Looking forward to hearing update.
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Dr Oro is a well respected Dr in chiari circles...I did not have him for a medical review, but did get to speak with him at a conference, he is a very nice personable man and I feel u r in good hands...I am sure someone who did see him will pop on to comment on how he conducts a review.

  Good luck
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