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Has anyone here had their surgery done by Miriam Kim out of St Paul, MN?

I just have some questions about post surgical symptoms.  Thanks
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  Hi Init.....we do not have that name on out list of Drs.....I do ask if anyone is treated by a Dr and liked the Dr to add the name to our list....but that one has yet to be added...

What type of questions do you have?
If they have had any problems with the type of patch she uses.  I was just doing research on it tonight and it seems to be widely used.  Suturable Duragen.  I need to have surgery again due to not having enough done the first time.  The Chiari specialist who will be doing the second surgery reports the one used originally is self absorbing and doesn't know what he will find when he goes in.  SO just wondering how others have done with this type of patch.  The Chiari Specialist is on the list and I have been conversing with someone I found on this forum who had surgery by him.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this Forum.  I continuously learn from it.  I hope I can be helpful to others as well by my experiences.  If you have any information, Selma, I would greatly appreciate it.
BTW I would not add her name to the list of Chiari Specialists as she does not specialize in Chiari.  
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What type of patch that is used will be an individual situation and can not be compared....if you have EDS which you need to ruled out b4 surgery is considered....EDS can adversely affect the type of patch used....

Bcuz I have EDS I had tissues harvested from my scalp.....this was to help prevent rejection...or infection.
wow, you are quick!  Thanks, I do not have EDS.  Does the self graft hurt at the harvest site?
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How do I find a list of actual Chiari specialists in my area? I had my first decompression completed by Dr. Sabrina Walski-Easton...LOVED her, but not sure if she specialized in Chiari. I have an appointment with Dr. Haines at U of M in Minneapolis, MN. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Nowncy and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Medhelp is updating their site so the list is not available as it had been, but I can copy and paste sections to a thread......I am not familiar with that name and unfortunately I can not say that the Drs on our list are true Chiari specialists....you have to educate your self and research the Dr...but the list acts as a starting point and was compiled by members here of Drs they have been to, treated by and liked.....


Dr. Mahmoud Nagib
Neurosurgical Associates
913 East 26th Street
305 Piper Building
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Phone 612-871-7278
Fax 612-863-8531

Dr Nicholas M. Wetjen, M.D.
Mayo - Rochester, MN
Neurosurgery & Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Again this is not a referral nor an endorsement for those listed on our Drs list.

May I ask why you need another Dr if you had surgery?
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My chiari symptoms have returned, and MRI showed a pseudomeningocele. My decompression was in 2009, and I have been clear up until now. Thanks for your help! Neruo. Assoc. is where my first NS was, but she left practice when her father passed away.
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  Well that indicates a CSF leak....wonder if it was such a small one or something happened for it to occur?

In that case you may want to try out another Dr within that group .......but do have them look into related conditions as EDS can cause a dura patch to fail.....
I had a MRI in 2014 that was clear, so this is definitely recent. My son was diagnosed with EDS, which we know comes from my side...my PCP knows nothing about these conditions, and we lost our insurance for a while. I will be mentioning EDS to my NS to get a formal diagnosis...although, there are other specialists for that too.
I also have issues with anesthesia, such as severe vomiting and NEVER becoming fully numb at the dentist. That is just a small piece of why EDS also fits within my family and myself.
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  Anesthesia issues is related to EDS....like going to the dentist the topical anesthesia doesn't seem to take effect as easily as it should....I had to get stuck 5 times b4 I got numb and then was numb for a few days.......

But reactions to meds and all sorts of things can be EDS or MCD.
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