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Helpful post op tips

I just thought that with so many people having surgery it might be helpful to share tips on hospital stays and post op things. I know before my son's surgery, I posted asking about this because I didn't know what to expect. Maybe we can start a thread about this.

Hospital stay thoughts:
someone suggested having plenty of change for vending machines (very helpful!)
I also brought in some small snacks for myself so if I couldn't leave the room I had something there and I brought some tea packets as well...the nurses didn't mind getting me some hot water.
a book light was helpful for me because it needed to be dark in the room and then I could read without bothering him.

Use "caringbridge.org" website to keep family/friends up to date....they can post messages for you as well, I brought my laptop and was able to read the message and wishes to my son during his recovery. (you can post pics, story etc...as well)

Post op
the things that were most helpful for my son were having a blanket folded into a U shape that would cradle his head but take some pressure off the incision (he had to lay flat on his back for 3 days)
and ice packs on the incision helped as well.

Just some thoughts.....
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these are some wonderful suggestions!  thank you!
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We have had several threads covering this topic...and I feel it is worth repeating....

to add to the above....I wish I had earplugs!! Very noisy staff at night.

I had for when I got to my reg room...my CD player for relaxing music...and audio books
............light weight PJ's that r loose and button down front.
...........special pillow
...........hard candies
...........hand wipes/facial wipes
...........a hat or scarf ( for going home)
...........the nurses created a long tube from blankets to wedge behind my back to keep me from rolling....this was a big help.

I am sure there was more, but I am forgetting....

Good luck Lizzy and Meg!!
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Awesome!  Thanks!  Im going through all the old posts looking for tidbits as I have not done any research on what to expect or how to prepare and my surgery is in two days!
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Good Luck to u Jenny.......sending good vibes~~~ and prayers ur way too!! : )

I am going to compile all the tips and create a Health Page so we can locate this info faster and easier.

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Your are so helpful to others!  I appreciate and I"m sure others do as well!
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