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Hi ALL----- Just wondering how everyone is doing?

..... now that the warmer weather is finally here.....or is it?
The drastic weather changes , wam one day and cold the next, to all the rain can have devestating effects on those with Chiari....we are like walking barometers.....

Let us know what tips/tricks you found to help you throught the warmer months
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Hi Selma, sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Not been feeling well, maybe partly the weather as you say

I don’t have any tips to help with those symptoms so I can’t offer any advise other than staying indoors as much as possible and not overdoing it when you’re outside in the heat.

Just easing up on my 6th month mark so still recovering but symptoms came back and I’m struggling mentally with that. Hoping it’s still just very early but his isn’t my first rodeo
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Also I didn’t ask how you’ve been doing?
Hi KerriC- I am doing well thanks.....I understand you would still be having issues since you are still in the recovery process.....it took me a while too. This weather is not playing nice now is it?  Staying indoors helps with the  heat, but it seems we can not avoid the effects or symptoms.I find being in a pool is helpful to me.....anyone else? SO it's a roller coaster for many...myself included....
Hang in there.
No indeed the weather isn’t cooperating at all. I’m in the Midwest so it’s muggy along with the heat.

Yes I’d agree with the pool. It does help but I find myself so wore out after. Even if I don’t do too much

And yes for sure it’s the very early stages of recovery. First surgery took some time. But I had severe issues at 6 months with hat one and turned out to be lots of scar tissue and the mesh attached to my brain pulling it down. And now I have a small pseudo so who knows what all is going on.

Praying for better days ahead!

I’m glad you’re doing well Selma!
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Hi ALL...anyone else have tips on how to beat the heat and it's side effects?
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Sis it is kind of funny that I logged on for the first time in too long!!! But the first thing I see is this thread. Lol!

Funny because this is a big part of the reason that brought my eyeballs here. Lately the whole body pain really but especially my neck, head and low back have not been kind at all. I am partly suspecting the weather but don't know???

The best way IMHO to defeat the effects and affects of these storm fronts is with an invention. Invent a machine to pick up any storms and heave them in the next galaxy. That should do it.

I know many of us deal with neck and head issues being a pain.  What I am wondering is if it can also cause or lead to low back pain?? I'll scan the list just had to say a BIG HowDo to ya sis!

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Hi Bro.....I certainly agree that invention would work wonders for me if we caould in fact get it to heave the storms into the next galaxy...lol....

I have lower lumbar pain but I get the bowel issues with these changes so I always contribute that pain to the digestive track issues.....hmmmm

Only way to combate the heat for me is stay in the AC.....or a pool....either works...but this extreme heat affecs me even in the AC.....so, outside of blasting myself into the next galaxy I am not sure what will work....

I've missed you. How is everyone?
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