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I had surgery almost two years ago. I'm single and live alone. I try to work but working brings on the symptoms stronger. I'm constantly in the dark and feel depression taking over. I've tried to get SSI but since I have an education they will not give it to me. I'm scared that I will soon become homeless. I have tried to live my life as I did before and all it does is bring the symptoms back stronger. I'm in so much pain all the time and I don't know how to deal with it. Even worse than the pain is the fact that I will never be able to realize my goal. How do you all deal with the fact that your life is never going to be the same? Do you work? How can you work without your symptoms coming back?
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

First have you had a recent MRI and reported your symptoms to your NS?

Also do you know what all was done during your surgery...some Drs do what they call a minimally invasive procedure to help prevent a CSF leak....when this is done it has a very short lived result....and surgery is required and the more invasive procedure will likely need to be done .

Did you have 1- a true Chiari specialist? 2- rule out ALL related conditions?
3- what do you current Drs feel is going on?

  I have not gone back to work....I do have other related conditions adding to issues but the further I get from my surgery date the better I am doing.....some that have gone back have changed what they do, while others went back with little to no issues.

We are all different and we can not compare how and what we do with others directly,...as there will be some differences.
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I had decompression surgery in 2012. My last MRI was in 2013. My neurologist gives me eight shots of Botox in the back of my head every two months to help with the neck pain. However, it does not help with anything else. My NS has not seen me since the postop. My neuro Dr feels pain management is the only thing left for me.
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  What was done during your surgery, do you know? Did you have a lamenectomy, dura plasty etc....

Sometimes it is a failed surgery or it can be a related condition causing the issues....

If you do not know what all was done during surgery,  go to the hospital and request a copy of the OR report...

I will admit Chiari is life altering, but we all can find a new path to follow post op...as the one we were on b4 has changed,....and it can be a wonderful new path to be on....it is all in how we look at it....

As for how you are feeling  you may want to push for more answers as you may be dealing with a related condition or an underlying unrelated condition.
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