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How to relief eye pressure?

I decided to go back to college to finish up my two degrees. Radiologist and Vet Tech. The only reason I had to let this go was because of the long hours and pain that I was going through was making it hard for me to concentrate.

Now that I have decided to finish, I do have concerns. I know I can walk out of a classroom when I am not feeling to good or that when I am struggling but I want to be able to sit through a whole class. I have terrible pressure behind my Left eye. It feels like it wants to pop out of it socket. Now Imitrex helps to relief the headaches but I can tell it wont last long. I am already on the highest mgs they can give me. But is there away to relief the pressure behind my eye before it gets to the point of not being able to focus on any object. I wear glasses and I thought maybe if I just take them off and rest them for a few minutes and put my head down on the desk this would help like it did in high school. But I don't know if the professor will like the idea of seeing on of their students not paying attention or think that they are not paying attention. With the dizzy spells getting worse I am afraid that I will fall down. I try to be caution in everything I do but I am scared that if I cant find away to prevent these things from happening I will never be able to finish my degree. I know I must slow down. I know that I will probably have to complete both degrees separately. But this is so frustrating.

My surgery is on hold. Was going to have it at the end of December. My doctor wants to see if he can do both decompression and fix my Basilar Invagination at the same time. As he said he usually does them separately but since he feels that I will take a long time to make these decisions, like I have in the past he wants to try to do both at one time while I am still on board with it. So he's practicing on his methods. So we don't have a new surgery plan or date yet. but I will let you know when I know something
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Thank you all for your advice. Most of my professors know that I have really bad migraines. I just got dxed this year and I have been out of school for 2 years. So I have let the school along with the professors I will have this semester know that I have a medical condition that is really hard to understand. Most of my professors are understanding. The only one who isn't is my Anatomy and Physiology Professor. She doesn't want to accommodate me and my condition. She says unless she receives notice from my Neurologist, she wont help me. But thankfully I only have to go to her for two days each week. Other than that most of my classes are hybrid (which means that most of them are self paced and are done from home) and I only have to go to school for all testing. So that's good.

I am going to try to pick up where I left off. Doing both at one time. I enjoy learning and I feel that the faster I can complete them the better I will be off. Especially when my surgery will take place in the Summer. My vacation from school. Which will hopefully will give me enough time to heal. We will see. My vet tech I only need three/four classes which is one semester. So I should be able to finish it before my surgery. Then I can focus on my radiology degree.

Thank you all for your help once again. Elisa I will try the ice pack. I am hoping maybe it will work. I don't want no more medicine as I am afraid that I will get use to them. Right now I am on three and I don't think I can stomach anymore. So I got my fingers crossed and hope this is a solution. We will see. I will let you know
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Wow, do I know that feeling.

By profession I am a programmer with 25yrs under my belt and a hobby of micro electronics.

What used to take me a few days to complete now takes a few weeks to months. The pain and pressure has progressively gotten worse to the point it is acting like a white noise generator, drowning out the ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks.

To make a long story short, if you currently have the ability to study and learn, take advantage of it. Even if you end up like me, the ability to still accomplish things (at a drastically reduced rate) is one of the few things that will keep you sane =)

As for your professors, just be upfront with them about your current status. Most will be more then willing to work with the hindrances chiari can cause and most likely will even respect you more for fighting through it to pursue your education.
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Determination is what got me to finish my studies, and I was not diagnosed at the time so head pain was just another part of it for me. Do you have the opportunity to get extra rest? Are you decided on finishing each degree separately? Doing so would definitely lessen your stress level. The pressure behind your left eye, I know can be pretty horrible. I have it also - on the same side. Does your come as a warning of a headache to come? I wonder if ice can help to relieve the pressure. In fact, I am thinking as I write this to you, and I am going to try it. Just make sure to wrap the icebag with layers of soft cloth, so he cold is not too intense on the eye. Let me know how you feel with this. I do hope it can help you.
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Hello and good morning.  I can relate to everything your saying here.  I have the eye pressure and also have Basilar Invagination.  My eye pressure comes and goes.  Sometimes it last for a few minutes and then it does a hide and seek game.  I had both surgeries at the same time along with the fix of a bulging disc.  Everything turned out fine.  Far as the pressure mine is not bad enough to get meds for, knock on wood.  For your professor explain to him what is going on so he will now what is going on.  Good luck with school I know it is hard I have two degrees and it was a nightmare.
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I know what you're going through. Sometimes I have eye pressure behind my right eye followed by headaches that won't go away unless I take a ton of NSAIDs. My eyesight is terrible but I prefer not to wear glasses because I can't stand them dangling on my nose all the time.
My advice to you is that you should do whatever you feel relieves the pain. I'm sure your professors will understand.
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