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How to tell between chiari symptoms and pregnancy?

Hi everyone..

This is not specificaly chiari related but kinda pregnancy related too..
Kinda need advice really..

Well to start with how do you tell between chiari symptoms and pregnancy simptoms when some of them are so similar?

Im not pregnant.. that i know of anyway..

But have been thinking today that some of my chiari symptoms have been getting a bit worse in the last week or so and they are some that could also possibly be pregnancy ones too.. Like i feel sick alot worse and more often than usual (usually can be on and off some days do some dont, but now its everyday) and i have been sick a few times lately.. im getting more and more lightheaded (i do get dizzy quite alot but its all day sometimes now) i have been getting a new kinda headache ontop of the normal one lately and im sleeping so much as so tired all the time.. plus my body aches.. more so my shoulders neck and back but sometimes just everywhere. Also i cant stand the smell of food anymore! it turns my stomach.. i cant even be in the same roon as it sometimes! mainly food that is cooking or cooked.. makes me feel sooo sick.

I mean i know these are all chiari symptoms but they just seem different the past week ..

But also i came on today so i wouldnt of thought i was pregnant..
But my friend told me that sometimes you can still bleed when your in the early stages.. so i dunno what to think.

My period isnt the same as usual thou.. normally i spot on and off for 3-5 days then get heavy for a day or 2 then light then off.. but this time there was no spotting just straight into it.. quite heavy too and a few big clots.. i came on this morning.. and have been having pain low down for past 3-4 days .. not like normal period pains.

So just wondering if anyone has any advice for me or knows how i feel?

Kinda confused.. going to the doctors tomorrow but just wanted your opinions before i go.

Thankyou x
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  It is near impossible to know what symptoms are from what....and Chiari symptoms do cycle so u can have a flare where u feel worse or a time where u feel better, or just develop new symptoms....

The best bet would be have a pregnancy test done to rule that out if it is a possibility....and keep in mine it is still flu season....and could be working in u as well.

Relax...wait and see what they say....nausea, and all the things that go with being pregnant also go with Chiari as u know, but stressing over them is not going to help with either on in fact could make u feel worse.

Good luck and do let us know what u  find out <3
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Hi Thankyou for your advice :) ..
I had the flu jab before Christmas so shouldn't be that but you never know ..
Thankyou I will try relax and I will let you know what the doctors say <3
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