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Internal incision itch!

I know this topic has come up before but I’m curious about the internal itching

I had the dreaded incision itch the first time but this is very deep inside itch. Had an internal stitch back out but no signs of leak. Just a strange painful incision with intense itching. I’m 8 weeks post op and it started  about 2 weeks ago

Called my NS and I’m gonna get an mri next month to check progress and because I’m still having very bad pressure headaches and a feeling in my ears like I’m underwater. They also mentioned possibly a spinal tap

Anyone else have this?
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Hi Kerri.....Oh how I hate the in deep itch.....not sure anymore what I did for mine. I also ,had what I called oozing, it lasted for nine months or more... I can look for older threads on the topic....
WOW 8 weeks already....where does time go?

Don't they typically do a 6 week MRI?
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Well apparently I’m wishing time to pass because I misspoke. It’s only 7 weeks.... lol

It’s very annoying to say the least but so much different than the first time.
It’s red but other than that no sign of infection, no fever. But there is an area where it’s wider than it was and it’s the area I think another stitch may be poking through. Ugh

They typically do post op mri’s 3 months out, I’m just getting mine a little sooner. So hopefully all is good. I’m a bit uneasy with the thought of scar tissue forming again

Thank you for your response. How have you been doing?
I know how annoying  that itch is...mine wasn't from stitches though as I didn't have any....with EDS they use surgical glue (super glue lol) and sterri strips. But I still had an itch that was impossible to scratch.

I'm ok....overdoing it and getting run down on a regular basis so I have to make some changes. I am on top of it and know what has to be done......how I feel is the result of not getting it done yet...lol...
My first surgery they used staples. This time (with a new NS) hey used surgical glue and steri strips also. These are the internal stitches that are poking through. So I’m just watching that as of now. I also have EDS so maybe that’s what some of the issue is

I’m glad you’re doing ok aside from overdoing things. I think we’ve all been guilty of that!
LOL...I am sure....I always say slow down, listen to your body, but there are times it can get away from us..I am reining it in.

What type of dura patch was used this time?
Going slow seems to be new motto also. I understand letting it get away from you!

You know I was pretty confident in the NS’s understanding of my EDS which is why the plate was removed and a special kind of internal stitch was used and also the steri strips instead of staples but they used a bovine patch again. And I’m very much hoping I don’t have an issue with that. I was told it would be unlikely but not unheard of.

I really love my NS but I think that’s the only type of patch they use....
WOW really...hmmmm,  I pray all goes well and your body accepts the patch.....those internal stitches are to dissolve but with EDSERs not always and will work their way out and cause some topical issues.....if you have anything like that ask for a topical  antibiotic ointment to help with infection ...to help avoid infection to be clear.....
If they tell you that you are developing hydro, ask if it could be the patch before you agree to shunts.....
Hi KerriC1 wondering how your incision is healing? How are you feeling?
Hi Selma thank you for asking. It’s a very long story and would prob be better suited privately. I’ll pm you
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