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Is it common for a diagnosis of nerve damage in neck following CM surgery?

Not sure if my severe shoulder pain will go away as the nerves settle or perhaps never. Thoughts?
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.
May I ask, when did you have surgery? Knowing a bit more about when and what all was done may help us answer your question.
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Sure. Thanks for your response! had my Chiari Malformation Chiari I surgery on this past November 1st. The neurosurgeon apparently redirected the path of my exceptionally large syrinx and removed a few bones from my skull, an assisting spine surgeon taking out some neck bones—relieving the compression.

This operation has yielded some amazing results: My severe asthma has been cured: Chronically bad back over 30 years is now 100 percent pain free;  insomnia cured; far more physical energy now as well as better posture and balance. I even believe I’m thinking more clearly.

Six weeks ago I had two nerve tests done revealing I have nerve damage in my neck.  I continue to have severe pain in my left shoulder and left hand. My neurosurgeon had said before the nerve tests that once my nerves are fully reawakened and my syrinx has settled into place, my nerve pain and accompanying left-side upper body numbness will subside, but the spine surgeon and a neurologist won’t say if my pain will ever go away.

Am doing everything in my power to help myself, including physical rehab, daily exercise, prayer, meditation, acupuncture, fasting and intermittent fasting. I see my neurosurgeon next month.

Thoughts?  Thank you!
Well for one thing it is still early in your recovery....it took years for me to see all the benefits from my surgery.....it can take time.
Can I assume you had the dura opened?...IF so, what type of dura patch was used.

With recovery after this surgery we need to move slowly....and many times people rush to "get back" to "normal".....listen to your body and don't rush as it can cause setbacks and  don't give your recovery a time frame to be healed....as I said it can take time.For three months post op you have some amazing results already....I am amazed.

We are all so different in how we heal, but for many slow and steady will always prevail.
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