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Kind of MRI needed to find Chiari Mal.????

Someone told me to check this forum out and I was just wondering if you need an MRI of the neck to find out if you have Chiari Malformation?  I have symptoms that match it and my doctors don't know whats wrong, so they are guessing and I had an MRI of my head earlier this week.  I've seen a neuro-opthamologist and a chiropractor (who says my neck curves forward when it should go back and I have a bone that is too close to my skull) and I have an appointment with ENT doctor next week and a neurologist next month and so far nothing has been found except that my sinus cavities are full and I need them cleared up.  I don't know whats wrong but it's really sucky to deal with.
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If you indeed have CM do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, go to a chiropractor.  You said you have an appointment with a neurologist next month.  Tell the neurologist your symtpoms and ask him/her if he/she is familiar with CM.  They should order an MRI which will include the head and the base of the skull.  The ENT should also be familiar with CM. I had started going to a chiropractor when I first found out I had CM.  I went to a neurologist and mentioned that I had gone to a chiropractor.  He asked me if I wanted to be paralyzed?  Enough said.  Good luck...

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Thanks for that.  I have gone to the chiro twice but after he did the whole neck popping thing I would always feel worse so I stopped going and my sister-in-law is a Phys. Assis. and she stressed how bad it was to see a chiropractor so I just quit going. I had an MRI of my head though so I guess I should just wait for the neuro visit and ask him what he thinks or the ENT?  Thank you
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Hello.  You're welcome.  One of the things that I have also found that helps at night is to sleep with a special pillow. This is a full size pillow with an indentation in the center.  The pillow provides neck support. Because it is a full size pillow it is not going to become misplaced during the night as do some of the other ones which are supposed to provide neck release.    I've included the link for this pillow below.  You may want to try it.  It helps me relieve some of the pressure and get a good night's sleep.  I don't put a pillow case on this pillow either.  The url is:

Good luck....Maryellen
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birk101 is right - I have a tempurpedic contoured memory foam pillow - it is the only thing that has given me any relief.  I have also seen a place online (www.medpillow.com) that sells pillows especially for people with chiari.  These are called zipperhead pillows.  But I never used one because I had my tempurpedic first.  Give it a try, you may be surprised.  Also - your insurance might cover it, if not you can right it off on your taxes as a medical expense.  So don't let the cost of the pillow pursuade you into not getting one.  It really is worth it.

Good Luck.
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Wow, I have had the same problem, have you guys heard of Dr. Michael Rosner? He works out of North Carolina. I'm debating about either going to him or the NY Chiari Institute. I live in Florida, and figured it would be closer. I also don't know the exact price of the surgery at NY, and would like to keep the price as low as possible as anything like this is going to be out of network for my insurance. I know that relief is priceless though....
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Hi NickRapheal,

I have been there to Chiari Institute in 2007.They were OK.But I can say that they are lil expensive when compared to others.I have 100%coverage out of state also.But still I ended-up paying $1200 just for the consultation.Even though U just want see the surgeon alone they give u the appointment for neurologist and the surgeon.
Once you are done there n if u get any other problems/doubts n try to contact them they don't respond .These r the things I have been faced with them n trust me the neurologists are not really worth.May be u can ask for Neurosergeons .If u need any more details just ask me.
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