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Lower back pain

My son has Chiari 1 malformation, he had his decompression surgery in December 09, 2014, everything was good. But I'm worry because he told me his having some lower back pain, he start telling me that this week, and I'm just wondering if it is caused by the chiari or maybe something else...
My son is seven years old...
Thank you by advance!!!
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  Welcome back to the Chiari forum.

Did your son's Drs rule out ALL related conditions?

EDS, tethered cord, ICP...etc?

Also look to his activities have been lately.....he is only 4 months post op and it is possible he over did it and his body is letting him know......it can take up to 2 yrs for the nerves to heal.....so it takes time....
What are all of the associated ones I have just been diagnosed with chi 1 and would like to know all I can before moving forward!! What tests are used for all of them, MRI??
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I'm sorry I wrote wrong the date the surgery was in December 09, 2013, and no the Dr. didn't told me nothing about that.
My son's life is as normal as can be, that's why I'm little bit worried...
Thanks to answer!!!
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  The tethered cord can show up in 6 months posts op if it is a more severe issue....but all of us are told to have these related issues ruled out as they can cause issues post op and we at least know it is not that surgery failed that it is the other conditions flaring up.....

Hmmm does he ever have any bowel issues as that can cause lower back pain too.....
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No, he doesn't have any bowel issue...
Should I call my son's Dr to make an appointment???
Or should I wait for his appointment in June???
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  I would not worry if he is doing ok....with his age it could be growing pains....

Ask your son to rate his pain and discomfort...and only call the Dr if he feels he can not wait till June.
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Thank you so much, you made me feel much better!!!
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