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I was wondering if anyone here has been on medicine for any number of years and not had to have  "the surgery".1 day I want the surgery and the next I come to my senses and decide Ill suffer w/the pain.Just curious,Im on Neurontin and Meclizine and Baclofen. Its horrid trying to get doses I can function with. I have a 14,7, and 6 year olds and need to function .:)
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Pre-surgery, there were no medications that helped me. Post-surgery, there have been no medications that helped me. Advil and ice have been the most relief I can get (that and rest). I did have minor relief with muscle relaxer - carisoprodol - but it wasn't significant enough relief for me to decide it was worth taking regularly.

I'm currently trying Topamax and will see where I go from here. . . as of now, my headaches do seem to be of less severity, but they're still there. It doesn't help the pressure or the "vice-grip" feeling of the headache, just the pain aspect. It also doesn't help the other symptoms of numbness, pins & needless, weakness, dizziness, nausea, confusion, cognitive decline, etc. I've just completed 2 weeks today, though, so I don't have a true understanding of how well it will work for me.

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  Hi there are many with low lying tonsils and or Chiari and may never need surgery....and no meds, if ur Chiari is symptomatic and progressing will help.

U will need to have a CINE MRI to determine if u have a CSF obstruction, if so a syrinx can form....if u already  have a syrinx, then u can develop perm nerve damage....so, no having surgery is not always an option,
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