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Neurosurgeon in new york

Hi I was told I have a chari 1 malformation years ago and told it was fine. Now at the age of 36 I am sick every day, fullness in the ears, memory loss, vertigo, dizziness, bad pain in the back of my left side of my skull that worsen with exertion, living in a fog, numbness in my feet and hands ect... I have been seeing dr's, ent's, chiropractors, NAET dr's for the past few years and nothing was helping, I have had tubes in my ears that did nothing all to find my answer myself on the Internet. It's the chari 1 malformation. Geez all these dr's and no one could help me. So I'm asking you where do I find the best Dr in New York to Treat me?? Hopefully they take my insurance and then finally I think I can be on the right path. Thank you for your help.

Feeling a bit more hopeful,
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Krstinamarie and Iasel22,

If you all go see Dr. B, I would love for you to message me and let me know your thoughts. I am currently seeing him. I was scheduled for surgery, but I'm having insurance issues and keep getting denied. But I would love to hear your experiences.
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Hi.  I'd love to hear about your experience with Dr. B.  I am thinking of making an appointment with him as well.  I have a small 4 mm herniation but my symptoms have completely taken over my life, I am the same age as you.  I've seen two other neurosurgeons who don't think I need an operation but don't want to talk to me about what else might be going on.  They just pass me on and I continue to decline.  Good luck with your appointment, hopefully it's not today or tomorrow with this terrible storm.
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My new surgeon is with Paolo Bolognese in great neck NY. He is from the Chiari institute. My first appointment with him is the end of January. I can message you about him and my experience afterwards if you would like.
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   Hi  and  welcome  to  the  Chiari  forum,

  Sorry so  many  Drs  seem  to  do  that  and  we  all  have  had  the same  experience I  have  dubbed  it "The  Royal  Chiari  Run around"

I  know  how  frustrating  it can  be....one  Dr  says  Chiari the  next  says  not.....we  do  not  know what  to  believe....educate  yourself  on Chiari  and  ALL  related  conditions  and  research  the Drs....as  the above  poster  mentioned  you  do  have  a  team  of  Drs  in  NY.....see  the list  and  visit  a few  to  decide  which  one  is  right  for  you.

  Know  that  you  are  not  alone. <3
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Selma, who heads the forum has compiled a list. Please see her words below:

This list is not a complete list of possible Specialists -  This thread is here so Please continue to add your Drs  names once you have been treated  and like the Dr..

This is not any kind of "Official" list of Chiari Specialists! These are simply Neuro Surgeons that we patients have listed as liking. No background checks have been made about them. If you wish to follow up, please research on your own. If you are comfortable with your current doctor and he/she is actually qualified to perform Chiari Decompression Surgery, then don't let us tell you any differently. This list is just to help people connect with Neuro Surgeons. It is not intended as a referral, please research all Drs.

We do have links to other lists for other Countries in the Health Pages -http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Neurological-Disorders/DOCTORS-LIST-FOR-CHIARI-SYRINGOMYELIA/show/1062?cid=186
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Hi Jaclyn,

The Chiari Institute is located in Great Neck in Long Island, and I came from NC to see a surgeon with the practice. The surgeon are all specialists in treating Chiari, which is what you need to find. My surgeon (Dr. Bolognese) was with TCI when I had my surgery, but he has moved to his own practice. I can tell you that on this forum there is a link that lists doctors that other forum members have had. The list does not endorse anyone specifically, but it has a lot of names and numbers. Take a look at the list and see if anyone is near you. I know New York is a big state.
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