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Possible Chiari?

Please, can you help? Does anybody recognise this MRI picture as Chiari?

I have hypermobility, sleep apnoea, awful headaches and numbness in my neck and shoulders and my heart rate is diving in the day sometimes too. My gait is very unsteady and I have started to drop on the left side, and fall backwards a bit after I stand up.

I am frightened I have Chiari and CSF block because the SF is so much more visible in the 2011 MRI than the 2015 ones, and the headaches/numbness.

Docs are being dismissive and treating me as if i am just a silly girl.


The first picture is 2011, the second 2015.

Please help

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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I am not familiar with the angle of the MRI you posted my Drs explained to me showing a different slice ......

I would have a true Chiari specialist review your MRI's and hopefully you have more then the ones you posted as they do not show the posterior fossa area...

Do use the list of Drs we have on here to help you research Drs....the list is not a referral nor an endorsement for those listed on it....it was compiled by the members here of Drs they have been to, treated by and liked....
Keep in mind you may have to travel to get to one.

The best way to know if you have a CSF obstruction is a CINE MRI this is again of a different area then the one you posted and is a moving account of how the fluid moves and  they track it along with your BP....

Also be advised even if they find you have Chiari you may not be a surgical candidate and it is very important to have ALL related and non related conditions ruled out as so many can cause many of the same symptoms.

Just know you are not alone.
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Hi Jenny,
  If you are concerned about your symptoms or they are getting worse, have your parents take you to a true Chiari specialist. While a lot of the symptoms match a Chiari Malformation, something else may be going on with you, which they would be able to diagnose.  The wonderful lady SelmaS that runs this site has posted a list of specialists broken down by area. Please check them out, and I hope you get the answers you deserve
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Hi did you have decompression surgery for it? I recently had mine and had many of the same issues you do. My left side was completely effected by my syrinx in my spinal column. Since surgery I have strength back and no numbness or tingling in that side.
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