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Post decompression surgery

Hi- I underwent decompression surgery in March 08', 10 months ago, for Arnnold Chiari type1. The surgery was a success. I no longer get headaches, dizziness, or throbbing after coughing or sneezing. I still have pain from the right base of the skull down the neck and across the shoulder. New symptoms include decrease of energy and a dull pain at the surgical sight, especially in cold and/or rainy weather. I am curious if these symptoms are normal and how long the symptoms should persist.
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Good morning, my 2 yr old son had the surgery in oct and he is getting bad headaches too in the middle of the night he will wake up crying and want me to rub his head, i was wondering the same thing if its normal or maybe something else is wrong cuz before the surgery he didnt have any problems that we knew of,  he really is just not the same kid and i was hoping this was not going to last to much longer, i hope you feel better!!!!!!!
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Not so hot. But I still have some issues.
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Hi Shane
Thank you for your response.
I actually had a check-up with my PCP in October. All tests came back normal.
The NS said it might take up to a year to fully get my energy back. I did start going back to the gym recently which felt great BUT it hurt to do jumping jacks and other impact moves.
Overall, I think I frustrated because I can't stay awake to do things I used to (go out dancing, hang out with friends after work on Friday.... )How is your energy level??
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I had the surgery in April 08. :).

I also have pain in my right shoulder and arm. It appears in me to be some nerve damage. I'd go to my neurologist if I were you.

As for the decrease in energy; you might run that by your PCP. It's possiby clinical or chemical depression. Sometimes during brain surgeries, the chemicals get out of wack.
Wouldn't hurt to ask.

I think the pain around the surgical site is probably just gonna be there - I have the same thing. I usually just take a couple of tylenol and that generally does the trick.

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