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Problems with Proteins??

I have been diagnosed with Chiari and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. and I've been dealing with extreme nausea for the past year and a half.  I have found some things that help (eating more salt and drinking more gatorade). However, recently I've been noticing that when I eat proteins, I feel SO sick after. Not sure if it's the cause of the problem, but it is definitely part of it. I have never LOVED meats and eggs, but only recently have I realized that when I eat them I get extremely nauseous and just generally don't feel well. Coincidentally, when I get really nauseous I start to eat simple things like crackers and pasta and slowly begin to feel better. Not sure if there is a connection. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? I'm not sure if I should see a doctor? I really want to stop feeling so nauseous all the time!!
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Hi Nicole, I am sad to hear about someone suffering from chronic nausea - it has plagued me forever. It is interesting how you notice that it is proteins that mak the feeling worse. I would always rather eat foods other than animal proteins. Are you eating any grains and vegetables? You need those, but your proteins could come from beans. Can you eat fish? I really try to keep my protein intake up - but mine comes from dairy sources and beans. What is your total diet like in an average week?
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  Hi, Many of us with Chiari and EDS have  GI issues.....not everyone with reflux has heart burn but may experience  other issues like nausea, or a sensation if a lump in the throat....

I know when my reflux is flaring I tend to have issues with red meats and eggs....different things will cause me more issues and as you mentioned nausea....I try to really pay attention to my GI track and how I feel  and I avoid certain foods on days when I can tell I will have an issue as I am ok some days....

The thing is we need protein...so talk with your Dr about what may be going on....

Another point to mention is with EDS we also tend to produce too much histamines which can  cause PND which in turn causes reflux....so sometimes an antihistamine may help....talk to your Dr.
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Several years back I had about two years of really bad nausea and a doctor had prescribed me antacids which didn't work and when he prescribed stronger ones it made everything (including my heart problems) a lot worse.  I'm afraid to try that route again because nausea is really my only symptom, I'm wondering if it is something other than reflux?  I will definitely mention the histamines to my doctor, I'm going tomorrow thankfully!! It's been so hard to eat a decent amount of anything the past two weeks!!
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  Do you know what kind of meds they were...a PPI or HII?

There are meds for reflux that are histamine blockers...H2 blockers...or HII's...PPI's are Proton pump inhibitors and they did not work  for me....but the histamine blockers do...I take them along with the antihistamines b4 bed....when I have excess I take a non drowsy antihistamine during the day.

Good luck with the Dr...
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