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Pseudomeningocele draining?

3 months post op and 1 month ago diagnosed with a pseudo. I’m guessing it’s small but I have a very painful lump at the top of the incision which has been growing in size

It’s so painful that I can’t lay on my back whatsoever or even touch the area. But this morning I woke up and had fluid draining from this lump. The fluid was clear which I’m pretty certain is spinal fluid

I called the NS and waiting for a return call but was curious if a pseudo can drain like that?
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Unfortunately, I've dealt with this as well. My drainage ended up not being from the pseudo. Rather it was an internal stitch that had somehow popped up. Please get to that Dr as soon as you can. I procrastinated and ended up with a csf infection.

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That sure sounds horrible. What did they do for you? Antibiotics I guess? The latest spot isn’t open anymore so I’m hoping it’s healed and I won’t need to have it addressed. Did yours heal on its own?
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Hi...not sure...if Zygy2 is around I hopw she responds as she has dealt with this.....several times unfortunately....but she is very well informed on this topic.
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So I had my follow up and was told that the lump was from popping a stitch and was basically nothing to worry about. Was given antibiotics

The pseudo still remains but is small
Small is good, but I have to wonder if it was just a stitch, couldn't they do something like replace it?
Small is good but yes, I wonder what’s causing that.... also I had another lump a bit farther down that became very painful and ultimately opened up and drained pure blood. Guessing that was. Stitch too?? Strange

I hope you’re feeling better
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