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Question about Ketamine infusions and muscle tightness

Firstly, no I’ve not been tested for any connective tissue disorders. It seems around here Doctors still don’t have open minds about CM. And because their MRIs don’t uphold what I’m dealing with they call it psychological. In My Opinon CCF does NOT have a Chiari Specialist that knows their behind from their own nose. Yes, they have a guy in the Loraine facility that they tout as a specialist. He is worse than the quacks at home that don’t acknowledge CM. JMHO

So the question - I’ve not researched this here or elsewhere before yesterday. For a few years now I’ve been fighting severely limiting back pain and stiffness perhaps topping what I call Chiari Neck. Multiple doctors over the last few years have resorted to new MRIs which show some arthritic changes but nothing to explain the degree of muscle tightness. As we all unfortunately know finding answers is perhaps worse than the malformation at times.

The result of quacks not being able to find their answer in multitudes of tests is nothing. So they keep transferring my case up the line. Yesterday I finally made the drive back to CCF but not for Chiari. I’d not even thought of CM being the cause so I didn’t look. I have other medical issues that I’d assumed to be the culprit until yesterday. Namely a sizable posterior fossa arachnoid cyst that has been found to be partially communicating. And thus fenestrated  twice now as it keeps resealing itself. It’s position complicates CM as it is attached to the rear of the cerebellum. Because of the location it can’t be removed and causes the same symptoms of CM plus occasional seizures. After yesterdays visit to the CCF pain clinic it dawned on me that this must be CM causing this??? Dr says no no it is caused psychologically due to stress. Eeehhh maybe but I don’t think so. Not saying my mind or PTSD symptoms are always under control but I just don’t see it in this case but I’ve been wrong before. Either way the recommendation it sounds like has been recommended also to treat Chiarians with back pain?

That said my question is out of curiosity - have any of you personally been prescribed Ketamine infusions? And if so did they actually make any difference in muscle tightness and pain?

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Hey CW,

I am so sorry you are still dealing with this and really don't seem to have the answers you were searching for.....and I don't have answers to your recent questions regarding Ketamine....

I have been using  CBD and Hemp products for muscle tightness/spasms.

I really wish I was able to help you with this....a few years back, I recall a few members have the arachnoid cysts....but I don't recall how they were treated....I will see if I can find some of those older threads...BUT it is possible how they were treated may be an outdated procedure now.
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They have fenestrated this one twice. Personally I feel like it has grown its web back again as I’m getting the subcranial headaches again and muscle spasms that are pushing vertebrae out of place. Pain doctor feels the ketamine low dose infusion has the potential to stop that by the way it works over time. My concern is more what is causing it to begin with
Well, I did my search and the only person that mentions Ketamine is you.....so I have nothing to  go on ....sorry.
Knowing what causes these types of spider web cysts is not known to me....and I have looked.....I am sorry that is has come back after being drained. It's  location is not good either...not saying there is a good location...but with everything else you have going on it is not optimal.
Keep me posted on what you decide to do....prayers sent your way for the growth to stop.
My understanding is that Low dose Ketamine infusions were approved for depression and chronic pain about 2’ish years ago. So it is possible that not many or any here have heard of it before. This Dr did say it isn’t easy to get certified to use the treatment either. Thus a lot of the clinics around here require you to pay up front. That will prove the limiting factor for many even if it proves affective. CCF does have me on the schedule but they are scheduled out nearly a year according to the DR we spoke with. So plenty of time to research
WOW, that is interesting to know.....but a year wait list for pain??? Really is that the best they can do?
I’m on a call list. But yes, that is the waiting list at that facility. :-\
That is disgraceful.
Quite! Regardless of the reasons the wait is kind of not even feasible.
Putting out prayers that this changes to your benefit soon!!!
It was a long wait. In case anyone stumbled on this prior post we'll briefly update.

I had the K infusions 3 months ago. Inflammation was the first thing I noticed during the 5 days of infusions. By the end of those 5 days the back and neck inflammation was substantially gone. This relief is starting to wear of lately. The dissociative effects help to keep your mind off pain areas so inherently does help with depression related.

Perhaps the only other substancal benefit that I noticed was neuroma areas. In my case several specific body areas are affected. For example - normally the entire right side of my head has nerve issues. Either the crawly feeling, random shocks or most frequently that side of my head stays numb. Within days of starting the infusions all the neuroma related issues we're gone. Such issues have recently been creeping back. Dr says repeating every 3 months will be necessary to maintain.

Would I do take it again? Well, time will tell. For now there is one more set of infusions scheduled.

Hey Bro...so glad to hear you dd  have some relief. Pease keep us posted.

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