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Referral insanity

3 weeks ago my insurance sent me the change in referral to USC and told me the doctors office will make my appointment. I called a week later my doctor who said USC just got it and will call me. This week I called again my doctors office they tell me the same thing they told me before but add the USC phone number. I call USC, get a hold of the Chiari specialist just to find out they don't have the referral. She said she'd get back to me because I told her it's been 3 weeks. That was yesterday. I'm going nuts. I called again, I got answering service. I get the feeling the referral was to the non chiari specialist.  I hate the system. I wish I didn't ask for a second opinion.

Good news. NO more finals. :) Finished. I don't know how well I did but I think I only need a b to get an A in the class.
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I feel you on the referral shenanigans. First, my doctor's office said for 6 weeks that they had sent my referral to the NS. Two weeks ago I found out they hadn't. So, I went to the office and picked it up myself. I faxed it in and  called. They told me they would call back the next day with my appointment time, but that it would be in about 5 weeks. They never called back. I waited a few days and then called again. They said they didn't receive the fax. I paid $25 to send it. ($1 per page.) So, I went back to the UPS Store and faxed it again. I called the next day. They STILL said they didn't get it. I had the confirmation page and the right number. So, I snail mailed it. Waited 5 days and called. Nope. They didn't have it. So today my husband called them. He got the guy's email address. I also called my PCP. They promised they would get to it today and do it for me. (They'd been saying that for 6 weeks but I guess my doctor finally got onto them after my last appointment.) So, my doctor's office faxed the referral and I scanned it and emailed it myself. They FINALLY got it.

I have no idea why I am having this much trouble. I was an administrative assistant for many years in a very busy office that handled thousands of people on a daily basis. Why I keep falling through the cracks in this particular office is beyond me.
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I know the feeling. I feel like I'm falling through the cracks again. I am not waiting a year like I did when I first had a second opinion (on other woman matters) just to be sent to someone in the same office. If this doesn't work I'm getting Legal aid involved to get a lawsuit.
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I've dealt with a lot of doctors' offices in the past year and a half. My daughter has a rare genetic disorder so we deal with a geneticist, neurologist, pediatrician, and cardiologist with her. I have had 3 surgeries this year (hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, and C-section) so I've seen a surgeon, OBGYN, and my regular PCP and neurologist. My son sees an endocronologist and ENT. Between us, we have doctors' appointments every week. I am no stranger to the insurance system and the referral runaround. Never, though, have I seen anything like what I am seeing with the Chiari specialist and their lack of organnization.

People keep askig me why I was ding my own referral with the Chiari doc. The fact is, my PCP's office is small but handles a lot of people. They don't have anyone special to do the referrals. The office staff just do them as they have time. Sometimes, that time is not expedient. It might take them weeks and weeks to send a fax. So, when I can, I make the appointment for the referral myself and the go to my PCP's office and pick up the form and either take it in with me or fax it myself. Saves everyone a lot of trouble.

What makes me mad is that people just kind of shrug like its no big deal that we're not getting seen. I bet if it was them and they felt like this they'd be raising all kinds of heck.
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