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SEPTEMBER is Chiari awareness Month!

What will you be doing?
Many wear purple to help spread awareness, all over the country there will be walks held, even Niagara Falls will go purple for a day for Chiari Awareness. What will you be doing?
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Well I just plan on wearing as much purple as I can and talking about to people that I run into. I have my purple ribbon tattoo so that helps here and there

I always wanna register for he chiari walk but never get around to it....
Hey Kerri I know what you mean, but there isn't a walk close enough for me to get to, a few years back when I know I could never have completed one they had one in a nearby town, but none since.
I have always wanted to put purple dye in my hair for September, but never really knew how to get it done right....and I can't afford salon prices.

SO, I do like you, wear purple ( even got a few umbrellas that are purple) and I tell everyone I see : )
I don’t think even now I’d be able to complete the walk but just want to go experience it. I think the environment would be awesome!

Love the purple umbrella! I thought about making purple ribbon signs and hanging out at Walmart to promote awareness but haven’t gotten around to that either. Just so fatigued lately...
I know what you mean, I've been helping my MIL and SIL so much lately I don't have time for myself, let alone organize awareness....if I drove it would be easier, I think..lol...

My mom gave me the umbrella for my birthday, she thinks my favorite color is purple since I wanted a few things purple so I could wear during September....lol...I like it, but it's not my favorite color....but I think I will be getting everything purple now.
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Well I am trying to see who else is getting involved in Chiari awareness we are almost halfway through the month....what will you be doing?
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DId you also know that most with Chiari may have several other medical issues going on as well and they are most likely related to or linked to Chiari?
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Do you know what type of surgery is done for this condition and why?
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