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Should I go back to see my neurologist ?

I have had my surgery more than 3 years ago. During the first year post-op, I was asymptomatic. Then my original symptoms started to come back( headache, migraines, electricity shocks on face,head,and.neck, back pain, stiff neck, fatigue, loss of words, vision problems, weak arms,and gait problems) and I developed some new ones ( dizzy spells , coordination problems and my new fear of falling down stairs)
I am concern enough to see my neurologist,HOWEVER, I am at a extremely difficult time with my family that falls apart without me(not trying to exaggerate, it is the truth) and I really scared that I would have to go back for a second surgery. Then again my health is important to take care of my family.

Any advise ?
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If you went from asymptomatic back to symptomatic, I certainly would. You could have ptosis ( brain slump) or something like that. It couldn't hurt to get checked out again.
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I would go get checked.  Cause your health is the first thing.  Cause if not healthy can not do anything.
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  Hi...as the others mentioned deff go back and see what is going on....it may be a number of things....most  likely a related condition or after effect from surgery, cerebral ptosis or scar tissue, which could be creating another CSF obstruction.....

  Sometimes it is a related condition not found prior to surgery like POTS, ICP, CCI, tethered cord, ehlers-danlos?

It could also be a failed patch....some are slow to fail....

Call your NS and ask to be seen,
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I hear your concern and fear in your question above. I am newly post op from my first surgery, so my experience is still growing. However, as others above have wisely suggested, schedule an appointment with your neurologist soon. Also as suggested by other members to various posters, keep a detailed symptom diary with dates and severity of pain levels. Post back when you have seen your doctor, so that we can continue to help.
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