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Swallowing issues... different than before.

Ok... I know!  I have been absent for a while!  My tail is between my legs...  

I have a question for all of you.  This has happened in the past, but it becoming increasingly more frequent.  When I swallow, something is moving in my throat.  I can hear it inside my head... sort of "clicking".  And it hurts.  

I have had problems with swallowing for a long time.  Before it was mostly as if my body just "forgot" how to swallow and so I couldn't make things proceed down my throat and/or it just stopped part way down.  This still happens, but now this newer part of it has gotten worse.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  What have you been told?
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I have this exact same issue. I always had what I called "swallow freeze". Even before surgery. But I also have a clicking and crunching sound and feel when I swallow from the throat to the back of the neck and inside my head. It's really hard to describe. I've no real solid answer as to what it is except CCI according to the new NS. I've been hearing and feeling crunching and grinding in my head since about 1 month post op and I'm now 6 months out of decompression. Also have this giant crater in the back of my head which he led me to believe is a combination of too much bone removal, muscle ripping and CCI. Perhaps that's something similar to you? Hope you find answers!
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  Hi Lori....I had the forgetful swallowing issues too....and have them very randomly now ....never had the clicking sound with it tho.

I am wondering if you might have TMJD or a thyroid issue? Not that the thyroid would cause clicking...but TMJD would.....but it hurting could be.....

Let us know what you find out.
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