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What are your guys' experiences with Syringomyelia? I just found out that I have a syrinx that is pretty large that extends from my upper spine all the way to in between my shoulder blades. It was terrifying to see my MRI compared to the pictures I see online. The syrinx's on google and wikipedia are so small comparatively. This is a terrifying thing to see.
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A syrinx causes problems with the feeling on the skin of your shoulders, chest, back, arms and hands.
For me it is like having some kind of barrier or covering in the affected area, like wearing surgical gloves and trying to feel things through them if that makes sense. I also have problems telling the difference between hot and cold.
Burning like pain, pins & needles &  fasciculations (involuntary muscle twitching) cause a lot of discomfort.
It will depend on the length, the spinal segments that are involved as much as the with of the Syrinx. Each segment has spinal nerve root's that supply different areas of the body,

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Those are pretty much my symptoms as well.
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I do have a chiari malformation. I am getting decompression surgery on Oct. 9th
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Check out mine i have a huge one to. I suffer alot of  issues. Do u have chiari malformation? If ur unsure i would get an MRI and find out! Good luck to u!
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I too, have a syrinx, if you look in my profile I have several pictures, I was told because mine is so wide and expanding my spinal cord it is severe.  Its c6-t2 but Very wide. I dont suffer alot of pain, I occasionally get tingling, and have lost some sensation in my hands and feet (not alot) and I have very hyper reflexes..and no matter where you hit me on my leg/thigh  I have a reflex.  Because of my syrinx being so large, I need surgery to prevent further nerve damage.. Many say because I dont suffer, I already have bad nerve damage and thats why I dont feel things I should :(
It is frightning when you research sometimes!
Mazie :)
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