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I think I may have chiari and i am planning on bringing it up to my doctor soon. I don't know if i have syringomyelia yet and i was just wondering in feet falling asleep really easily and getting cold really fast is a symptom of syringomyelia?
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I had no syringomyelia at 16mm decompressed in 2008 still freezing my butt off here in Fl.
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  Syringomyelia can affect how we feel temps......but I did have issues with my feet being cold all the time and I did not have a syrinx.......

Have you had any other symptoms ?

What testing have you had done to date ?
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I had a brain MRI a year ago and I think Chiari was missed on it. I have an appointment with my Neurologist next week, I've been seeing a Neurologist for chronic daily headaches for a few months now. And as for other symptoms, I have pretty textbook Chiari symptoms. Headache in the back of my head that gets worse with singing, coughing, laughing, and sneezing. Trouble word finding, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, ringing in the ears.

But then I have some weird things like random chest pain (It's not a heart thing, it's chest wall pain), my feet falling asleep easily, not able to walk in a straight line, random ear pain, weak left arm, anxiety, difficulty concentrating.

I have many similar symptoms and my 11mm herniation was missed on my first MRI!! It's good that you're pushing for a second look!
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