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I wanted to give u an update  1week post op fusion.I was miserable till yesterda..and I can´t tell u how much better I am today. I feel so happy, I am singing and feel soooo alive. my pain and rhomberg already have improved! I quit smoking for good as it interfers greatly with fusion process and health we all know. I thought I could not do it...I have so much more energy...my face is radiating and I could hug the world :-))) I send out hugs and prayers for u my family.May u have a great day
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I am glad to herar you are doing good.  Congrats on the quit smoking, I quit to when had my surgery.  I had the fusion also.  Yes, I did feel bad the first week after surgery but everything started getting better and has kept doing it.  I hope everything keeps getting better you have got my prayers and hugs back to you.  I am always glad to hear a good story with this crazy stuff.  Again hugs and Congrats.
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Woo Hoo!!! So glad to hear about your progress!!  PLEASE remember to still take it slow...doing too much too soon can cause a set back.  I can't believe how much pain I dealt with on a daily basis until it was gone.  Congrats to you and welcome to "the other side" of the mountain!!
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  Whooooooo hoooooooooo ...lol...Congratulations on quitting smoking...smoking will constrict blood vessels and nerves which with chiari are already being compressed...so, to rid urself of that added effect is great!

So glad u r feeling better...it is about time ((hugs))
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Wow, so pleased that you are feeling so good. I hope that it continues for you, but don't do too much too soon. Take it slowly. Also congratulations on giving up smoking. I am working on this.......a few cigarettes at a time. Take care of yourself
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Woohoooo! I am so glad that is great! I was trully hoping that it would be successful for you. Keep us posted and am always here for you!
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thanks everybody for ur encouraging and warm words. I know I have to take it easy and there might be some worse days too ;-) but luckily i learnt from the other surgery and am reminded by my chiari family thate healing is a long process...I am so fortunate to have found u all...may you all have a wonderful day <3
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Congrats on all your good progress.  Keep up the good work.  Happier days ahead my friend.
Linda :)
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