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What's the best way to use cannabis for pain

I have chiari malformation 1 and I've been to so many doctors and specialists and they said I've taken all the medication possible to help and it's not helping not even pain medication works so I'm going to see my neurologist in a few weeks and was thinking of asking if I can't try cannabis oil because every where I read people are recommending it and was wondering if the oil in the syringe works better of actually smoking it or to use a vape
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Firstly the use of medical MJ is very different from the type many smoke to get high.....medical MJ does not have the amounts of THC that causes one to get high, but benefits from the high concentrations of  CBD to help with all sorts of pain.

I have not tried the oils but have used a salve and intensive creams of CBD and it helps me. Mine is muscle pain due to EDS.

BUT you also need to look at what is causing your pain....to say Chiari pain, that could indicate many things, and you should try to figure out just what pain or type of pain you are trying to ease. Since traditional pain meds do not work, it is most likely neurological pain and meds do not help that......

Have you had surgery, or DX'd with any of the related conditions?

They say they can't operate in my condition I have gone for the injections that they give in the back of my neck but they did not help either
Did they say why they operate? Do you not have a CSF obstruction? Have you been to a true Chiari specialist?
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Chiari is on the approved medial MJ list in Illinois and I got my card a few months ago.   I find a lot of relief from the topical balm which I use on my neck and shoulder.  As Selma mentioned, it does not have THC so will not make you feel high.  I also tried a CBD-only capsule which didn't work as well for me, but everyone is different.

Dispensaries also sell THC products but I only use those to relieve pain at night time (ie: not at work or while driving).  Be careful with this if you are not used to THC, some products are quite potent!
The CBD item I use is a topical as well...and is very good for neck, shoulder and back pain...so far for me.....
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I am now 4 weeks out from decompression surgery. I am also looking into mmj for the pain. I have an appointment monday at the doctors to see if i can get the card. The pain is still bad after the surgery 4 weeks out. I have been on oxycodone, gabapentin, and muscle relaxers. They help sometimes and sometimes they don't. Does your doctor say why they can't operate. My main pain was in my arms and feels like you hit your funny bone all the time and its ice cold on the inside. I was told by the neurosurgeon that he could stop the progression but any pain i had before the surgery (like the arm pain and insomnia) was a 50/50 chance of it reversing itself. This is what he has seen in the people he has done the surgery on. He is in NYC and has done hundreds of these. I am hoping time will help but also looking into the mmj because I need to get back to work in  a month.
What kind of questions do you have? Firstly you should know that MMJ is not dangerous. HOWEVER - using it with opiates makes the opiates extremely dangerous. So my advice would be to dump the poison pills first.
As to using it for nerve pain. It isn't like opiates in that using the correct strains and form will stop the pain. Opiates tend to cover the pain impulses. When you find the correct strains for your body you will be able to function normally for the most part. Even better than what is normal for you. Why? Because pain limits us not only physically but also mentally.

One thing keep in mind though - the card will not protect your job. US government has a patent on it's use for medical treatment. However because the feds still deem it as class one employers are not obligated to honor your card.  

Hope this helps a little. I'm not on medhelp a lot but if I can help just holler. I will respond as soon as I read your questions.

Thanks CW for your insights on this.
:-) NP sis! Hope it helps at least someone.
How is the book coming CW?
Very slowly. I've setup a private site on my server to gather my thoughts. It is proving to be a bit eye opening to put some of these buried thoughts in writing. But in the end even if the book is never published on paper I think it is going to be good for me. The plan is to release it as an ebook on Amazon if or when I finish it. Time will tell the tail though.
I know it will be an eye opener...and I know you are saying for yourself, I think many times we deal with so much we do not really comprehend the enormity of it all.
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