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chiari and autonomic neuropathy

Hi all! I have spent the last 4 yrs struggling with chiari malformation 1 and autonomic neuropathy. First I was diagnosed and treated for chiari with fossa decompression. After six months, my migraines got worse so I've been treated for those which led to the diagnosis if autonomic neuropathy. I find it hard to believe the two are unrelated.Does anyone know if doctors have seen any link between chiari and neuropathy?
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Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer my question. Its so nice to know that I'm not just making crazy assumptions!! It just seemed to me that it would be too coincidental that I have chiari and autonomic neuropathy for them to be completely unrelated. Sexybare, my thoughts and prayers will be with you.I hope that you don't have any more convulsions. That must have been so scary! Again, thank you both so much!!
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Hi there, i also was diagnosed with chiari in march 2011 after sufferin in unknown pain for 4 years and had surgery in aug 2011. After my surgery for a few weekd i felt better  but it all camr back. Daily ha, back and neck pain. The wole 9 yards. I after was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction and ocipital nerve damage. My nl says yes they are related. I think i even woke up a few mornings ago having convulsions of some sort. Hadny happened since so maybe it was a dream, i hope?
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  HI and welcome  to the Chiari forum.

The 2 are related and many do have issues post op of the posterior fossa decompression surgery....not all will deal with these issues, but, too many do.

U can develop PTC, ICH, POTS, seizures, epilepsy...we are all different and how our body responds to the surgery and meds is unknown until we go thru it.
The length of time the nerves are pinched can also lead to permanent  damage....which can also lead to the neuropathy.

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