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hi all
I havent been on in a while since ive been post op for a little over a year now and am doing pretty well. My one question though, is that when i drive, for pretty much any length of time more than 30 min, my neck gets very stiff and my head begins to hurt. This usually lasts for the rest of the day and possibly into the next day.  I am fine just riding in the car but driving is a different story, can anyone tell me why just the driving does it?
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Hi...it has been awhile...glad to hear u r doing well.

It could be u r tense and u carry that tension in ur neck....my Dr has not released me to drive and that could be one of the reasons......when u ride u r relaxed.....driving is a totally diff animal.....just MHO......

Hope u pop in more often...always glad to have zipperheads share their experiences with those waiting on surgery : )

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I have not had surgery but have had my licence revoked due to having drop attacks.
I too experience this and as selma said it could be a tension thing, keeping in mind you have had serious surgery it may take time for this to sort itself out.
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Hi, I haven't had surgery yet but I know how you feel. Actually my pain is worse when I am a passenger in the car. When I drive it hutrs but I think it is because I have to turn my head to look and see the traffic. But when I am a passenger I start feeling nauseous and my kills me and I get a horrile headache...don't know why.

I agree with Selma it could be tension.

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it could be focus...when you drive you have to focus and there fore you cant turn your head a certain way for comfort you have to turn the way you need to check for trafic, you cant close your eyes if it is too bright or if head lights shine in the car.

I do not qualify for surgery si I am not sure how much worse this gets  all I have to compare it to is how I feel.  I hope you can find some relief I know how bad it is not to be able to drive.  I have not been able to since aug. due to severe visual disturbances.

good luck and I will keep you in my prayers
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Don't know if this will help you or not. But at times I have the same problem at this point. One thing that I"ve found to help is to take a tube sock, fill it just proud of half full with rice. In this weather I warm it in the microwave but then kind of wrap it around your neck and it tends to give a bit of support. It does help me so long as the weight isn't too much, somedays the weight brings on a bit of discomfort. For me it helps.

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Thanks everyone for your support, I can definitely see how it could be the focus thing because i sometimes get it too if i keep my head still for too long like watching tv with my head turned or something.  I will try the rice for support, its an interesting idea. Hope everyone is having a good day, you are all in my prayers.
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