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head pressure

Hi everyone.  I woke up today with my face pulsating and could hear my heart beating like a drum in my head/base of skull this morning.  I go for a MRI/MRA on Thursday (was approved by my insurance thank goodness).
I consulted tci and they said I don't need contrast.
But I was watching tci's video's and I wonder if the place I go to is doing the cuts like tci wants on the mri.
Anyone ever run into this?
What about the pulsations in my head and drum beat sound?  My face is so swollen, and everyone attributes to my sinuses.  but i've seen an ent, had surgery, repeat ct scans of the sinuses, and no need for additional surgery.
no fever/no infection.  I keep complaining of the pain and pressure, and now i'm thinking its probably increased ICP.
This is really starting to scare me.  You can see it when you look at me that my face is swollen and its embarrassing.
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Hi...glad to hear ur insurance approved ur MRI.

I had my MRI's done here...I guess when they contact me I'll know if there is an issues with the way they were performed.

I feel most with chiari have ICP...whether it is raised or too low I believe it can be a root issues for all of us...IMHO

Chiarians do tend to have sinus issues.....and the heartbeat and pulsations r something many have described as well.

Do u know if u have a CSF blockage?....I am wondering about ur swelling...was this mentioned to TCI?

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My daughters both have Chiari, and they both have swollen faces and pressure with their headaches.  My oldest know exactly what you mean when you say a heartbeat in your head, and pulsating face...she lives with daily raised intracranial pressure.

She did see some relief after surgery, but now it is starting to inch back towards the way she felt pre-surgery. :(

I hope that you are able to get answers from the MRI.

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I have the heartbeat effect in my head.  I often feel as if someting is rushing through my head and I feel every movement.  It makes it difficult to sleep at night.  I don't have face swelling, but I do experiance ear and eye pain.  I think I am carrying this fluid in my head outting pressure on my eardrum, I often have ear ringing and difficulty hearing.  ALL sysmtoms I have are specific to my left side.  I wonder sometimes if it would help for me to sleep elevated so the fluid can flow down rather then pool in my head.  Just a thought, haven't talked to the dr about that.
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