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nausea question

A couple of weeks ago in the ER (before I knew I had a cm) they gave me a crap load of different drugs, because as the doctor so politely put it SHE DOES NOT TREAT WITH NARCOTICS. Whatever, I just needed a damn break from 10 days straight on the HA.

Anyway, they did a steroid, something similar to benadryl, and an anti nausea med. It sounded like halaprin, but maybe it was Hal something else. Anyway, there was one of them that gave me horribly jumpy legs, and in my fog I remember they told me that that medication can do that sometimes. Well, that turned into four long days of trying to burn my nerves off in boiling water just to make them stop!

I need to know if anyone knows which medication can give you rls, so I can tell them before surgery not to even dare think of giving me that again.

Thanks for any ideas.  .  .
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Was it Haldol? Haldol is an anti-psychotic and Reglan (an anti-nausea) is also in the anti-psychotic family. I was given Reglan a long time ago because I had a CSF leak from a LP, I was in severe pain and the Reglan made me FREAK out! I have heard of some ER docs giving IV Haldol for HA, although it does cause some pretty bad adverse side effects!

UGH, I can sympathize with you.. After they gave me that Reglan, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was anxious times a million. They gave me benedryl to counter the side effect. Then I was drowsy and still a little edgy. NICE (sarcasm)

Hope you have a nice day!
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  U should be able to request copies of ur chart from that visit to see just what u had, tell them y and explain about having surgery planned and u need to know to prevent another issue.

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