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peripheral neuropathy does anybody have with chiari

I have a question.  I had surgery 1 month ago.  I'm doing well except the coldness of my feet and burning really hasn't changed.  I thought it got better after surgery but now that I'm off the pain medication and it has returned.  I'm so frustrated:(.  Please help it feels like it radiates from my feet to the knees.  I think it is called peripheral neuropathy and Dr.From said that is probably one of my symptoms that will not go away:(  Does anybody else have this with chiari malformation?
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I was diagnosed with Sensorimotor polyneuropathy a few years ago, This is a fancy name for is a condition that causes a decreased ability to move or feel sensation because of nerve damage. The "polly" means it is body wide.

Neuropathy is a common complaint with people who are Diabetic so you need to get a hba1c blood test. This shows an average of your sugar levels over a period of weeks.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can also be a problem so it would be wise to ge, t this checked as well.
Neuropathy is a very painful problem and can be difficult to control.I get burning on the soles of my feet up as far as the ankle, I can have sharp burning sensation on my skin, vibration in my legs (not sure if this is a symptom) and feeling of Ants crawling on my skin (Formication)
My doctors are confused about the cause one even suggesting that it was a lesion in my brain that has not been detected by MRI yet.
Other problems to keep an eye on is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome witch is a related problem. Fasciculations is a  small muscle twitch that can be seen under the skin, I have these in the calf muscle. I often find that this gets worse after walking and I get a lot of cramping. I also have no deep tendon reflexes in my legs and diminished reflexes in my arms, I think most people with CM/SM can relate to all the above problems but I dont know if the medical community would agree there is a link between CM/SM and Neuropathy......

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  Hi....I did  have issues with my  feet  and  ankles feeling  freezing  cold....and it went up  to my  knees...I  was told I  had  Raynauds Phenomenon...and it  did  take  quite a while for  it  to  leave  me...,more  then  2  yrs....I  also  had it in  my  hands pretty  bad  too....but  they  are also  better....they  still  hurt when  they  get cold, but  it takes longer  for them to get  cold  and hurt  now....

I  am  not  sure  if   it  is the  same  thing....but  as  the above  posted  mentioned  it can  take up  to  2  yrs  for  the  nerves  to heal  completely  and for  those  of us  with EDS  it  may  take  even  longer,....

  Have patience  and  see how  things  go....it is not  all  immediate  after  surgery  that you  will  see  progress  or benefits....it may  be  next yr  this  time  you  look  back  and  say ...wow !....I  forgot  about  that symptom...wonder  when it  stopped....lol...

  I  have  stated many  times, with  each  yr  that  passes  I  notice more benefits....take  it  a day at  a time....journal  how you  are  feeling and then...look  back  from time  to time...you  will see just  how  many  symptoms left  you  were  not aware  of  anymore....
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I have heard others say if it is nerve pain it may take months or years to heal. The nerves are the last to repair themselves and can be rather painful in the process.  But yes, I have also heard that if there was significant damage to the nerves, they might not recover. Hopefully you are just on the slower end of healing completely!

Are you keeping a log to document your pain levels day to day, to actually see and remind yourself if the pain levels are increasing,  decreasing,  or staying the same?

I'll be praying that you see some healing, though.  So sorry you are still feeling this pain.  
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