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post Posterior fossa decompression advice.

hi everyone,

was needing some much needed guidance. my mum was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, after years of yo-yoing to her doctors and endless miss diagnosing. she under went the Posterior fossa decompression procedure on 4th Dec 2009, so its been almost 5weeks, however shes' experiencing pain in her head that she describes as not like the headaches she use to have, but none the less still as bad. she has an apt to see her surgeon next week, however can anyone advise me of there experiences after surgery, what's normal? what's not?, I'm really anxious. my mums improved in other areas, no more slurred speach, co-ordination is better, however her left side is very weak, she needs a cane to walk, eye sight has got worse, and she's still unable to lye down. Again are these normal occurrences after such a procedure. surgery was needed as my mum was just existing and defiantly not living. any response is gratefully appreciated.

thank you
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Hi  and welcome to the chiari forum.

At 5 weeks post op, I can imagine she still has pain and it is to be expected to go thru symptoms as she heals.....I am 7 months post op and I walk with a cane, but I had the cane for almost 1o yrs....plus I do have other chiari related issues going on.

I don't know how long ur mum suffered with her chiari symtoms, but it took awhile for her to feel as poorly as she was, so it may take just as long to feel better......healing from surgery like this can be slow.

I have my PFD experience in my profile page click on my name to go to the page u r welcome to read it.

U can ask 5 people their experience and u will get 5 different replies.

I wish ur mum  a smooth recovery
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Ditto what selma stated- one thing I've noticed on this list is that we all seem be just a bit different in this experience.

One thing I had a real problem with was learning to relax. I'm a go-g0-go type person. I tend to always figure the pain will be there tommrow so just keep going. With this type surgery that did not work at all! I had to learn to rest in order to control the pain. Is your mum getting her rest? For me it took literally laying down most of the time for the first couple mos. and even now at times, certian days I still have to let me body tell me what to do.

At any rate, I applaud you for your caring assistance to your Mother.

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I am almost a year post op and I still get headaches, chiari ha's and non chiari ha's.  Everyone reacts differently.  I think it's good she is seeing the doctor and I hope the pain is just normal pain from healing after surgery.  It's a tough surgery and the recovery time can take up to two years.  She really needs to relax.  No lifting, no heavy physical activity - just walking.
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