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science experiment

ok I am going to do a survey for interest of boredom mainly...but who knows it may be helpful..Science experiment time : )    hehehehehe   okay no evil experiments...

in general what makes your symptoms worse?
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rainy days....but cold is no great friend of mine either!
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I agree - rainy or cold. I used to love rainy weather, Winter and Autumn, but not so much anymore.

And I suppose it depends on the temp either direction. I've never liked all the heat of summers, but now I'll get really faint/dizzy sick if it gets up in even the high 80's for too long.
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HI Lu...yeah cold and rain here......and this past summer only a few times the heaat did get to me...but still not as bad as the cold.
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i have a theory and I am testing it out.   I am taking advantage of my good day and thinking  LOL  anyways  I am thinking that the cold weather and the low pressure from rainy days would cause increased swelling.   Which swelling is not good.   if I am right rainy and cold should be about equal.  

maybe I am crazy  but docs think in logic not emotion  and if there is a scientific way to explain symptoms and their changes maybe more docs would take it more seriously.

if nothing else it is keeping me busy  LOL  thank you for the help : )  
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lol...only problem with that is that things shrink in the cold...they don't swell!  think about how your rings fit in the summer time...when it's really hot out, and so are you, your fingers will swell making your rings fit tighter.  but the adverse is true in the winter...when your hands are cold, your rings become loose.   make sense?
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that is true for some things however cold weather can cause joints to stiffen.   I will have to do more research..........
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which is what happens to me.....i get very achey.....but i don't know if there is swelling.  but it would be interesting to find out way we get that way though.  the cold really sets off my ra, but unless i have a flare up, i do not have swelling...only pain and aches.
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has to be the rain but the cold is not good either.
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Wow, you guys come up with the most interesting & thought provoking theories!!!! First the "sleep" theory & now this weather 'experiment.'

I have had major issues with the heat & humidity during the summer months over the past few yrs (thought it was an age issue 'cuz I wasn't bothered by the heat when I was younger)...is it Chiari? Don't know 'cuz ever since my stroke-type episode at the end of Aug. of this year, my symptoms are getting worse & worse. It has been cooler that usual here in OH since then, & I'm miserable alot more often now...is there a correlation?

Thought about the warm bath vs cold pack (I use both) theories, but on different days they effect me differently...go figure. Now I'll have to start a new 'little black book' (nope, they don't have the names &/or numbers of the opposite gender anymore) to keep track of this newest thought. Veeery interesting!!!   ***Jean
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