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smoking pot and headache

I am wondering if anyone has found that smoking pot helps with the headaches.  Not sure how I feel about it but my son who has mild Chiari says it works better then any of the meds he has tried.  
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  Hi...I have heard the praises  of medical marijuana as well, not just for Chiari but for MS as well...the Marijuana does not have the other ill effects on the body or health that many of the narcotics do.

Listen to Montel Williams and his story...it is scary how the meds affected him.

  Sorry I do not have first hand knowledge for u.

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   jackinpain,  between the vertigo, the ringing in the ears, confusion and forgetfullness oh lord i'd be in trouble lol
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Hello , I will agree that it does help me I resorted to it after having no releif from so many LEGAL narcotics , It helps with nausea, anxiety,and pain. Wished I lived in cali or amsterdam not sure if my doctor will prescribe and its scary trying to locate it..Bizarre .
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It helps with pain for a time being and even a short amount of pain relief is worth it having Chiari. And like Selma said, it doesn't have the ill effects of narcotics. Smoking a whole cigarette gives me a massive headache though and of course smoking anything can make someone cough and with Chiari, coughing is no fun so maybe you could buy him a vaporizer.
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I have wondered about this too .....  nigths like this I am sooo tempted to try and see! But as a mother of 5 teens whom I tell not to do this it would not be worth the potential fall out I do not think
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I also have been tempted but i dont think i can becasue i went to school for law enforcement. but here in mi its legal with a smoking card. there is actually a police officer that owns a dispenserary and i think i am gonna talk to him and see what his take is on it. my old family dr said he would write a prescription to get my card. but i am to scared to try it. i have a dear friend that is in her 70's and she has been smoking since shewas 15 she has a really rare condition in her nerves and i cant think of the name and she swears taking a hit here and there saves hee. she said she tried all the pills and they jsut made her sick. i have heard form some chiarians they do it and its a life saver but its all up to you as a person. as a mom of 4 youg kkids and 3 young step kids i couldnt bring myself to do it i dont think unless its a last resort.
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I dont know particularly about smoking(  ya, i was a lame teenager.. lol) but my ex boyfriend has MS and he swears it is the only thing that helps after years of treatments and medicines.. Also,after my pfd in feb my pain mgmt dr rxed my the thc pill.. which, i honestly found useless until he tried a higher dose. but after he found the right dose it worked good. (for a while, i developed a quick tolerance like i do for most meds)
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I have heard and have first hand experience that it does indeed help with pressure and arthritis.  The tincture can do wonders also.  you do have to be careful with smoking it as the cough that can be associated with smoking it can make things worse, but it is legalized in colorado and that is where I am from and it does seem to help.
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I found that smoking marijuana does help with my headaches and nauseous. I found myself smoking more of it just to not be in pain. But I do think it's starting to affect my memory more. I'm forgetting more and forget things quickly.
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I feel the same way. It helps me the way it helps you. I can find it but wish it was legal where I'm located.
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It is My Only pain killer! The only thing that works for me! No pills here Just good ole MMJ!!
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